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Inside Man (2022) review – David Tennant and Stanley Tucci | BBC / Netflix




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Inside Man is a thriller TV series starring David Tennant and Stanley Tucci. It is written and executive produced by Steven Moffat, the creative force behind Sherlock, Dracula and much of the modern Doctor Who output.

The captivating show, as out inside man review will explain, is a great watch for those looking for tense and thrilling stories played out by some of the finest acting talents.

The show, which is available on the BBC in the UK and will soon be airing on Netflix across the world follows a series of intertwined stories and is based around the premise that anyone can murder if they have a reason and they’re having a bad day.

Also starring Dolly Wells and Lydia West this is a real treat for fans of this genre of drama.

There are four parts to enjoy, so why not watch it now on BBC iPlayer.

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