Ice Cube Discusses The Oscars Racism Controversy – The Graham Norton Show

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Ice Cube explains why he doesn’t get caught up with the furore around awards

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Lawrence Stevens says:

I’m sorry respect to these guys and all but it’s not racist. If you look at the black population percentage of America it is proportional to those who are black winning oscars.

idontcare says:

An OG laying down pure sensibility, reason, intelligence, and logic. he's a legend for a reason.

Vincent Labarbera says:

So the black guy perfectly articulates what's important to him as an artist and what drives him…


Then the white guy points out what a great statement it was…

Thunderous applause.

Noreen Goodman says:

Very well said

androiddx96 says:

"It's like crying about not having enough icing on your cake." Words to live by!

Mike says:

Sorry but nwa wasn't a award winning movie!! People just think it was but the quality of the film, actors, picture quality all was sub par!!

camila nuñez says:

i can't unsee hugh laurie's sock

Falcon Owlsome says:

Cube is as real as it gets.

Paul Bertie says:

Love Ice Cube but this comment on the Oscars coming from a guy who walked out the MTV Awards in 2014 because Paul Walker & Vin Diesel won best duo instead of him and Kevin Hart. Sounds quite contradictory to me.

Eren Jaeger says:

Look at kevins face when Cube said, "We dont do movies for the industry" U see that puppets face dough!!! hahahaha

Nagiib Tv says:

Lets help each other thumps up my last video thanks

Stewart Fletcher says:

Wow man. Ice Cube is a cool dude.

Dante Purgatory says:

I love that Cube is really ghetto and really deep at the same time

John Joseph Calvacca says:

The guy was teaching owning your own business all the way back on No Vaseline! There are kids (and adults who were asleep) who think it was first discussed on Jay Z's newest album. Cube wrote the blueprint that Dre and others followed.. kind of. Ice Cube OWNS his stuff and he can hang with anyone in an intellectual discussion. True legend!

Rk Jackson says:

It is the FANS, I loved everyone on this couch….and …FANS are the ones who ultimately choose and make the money for the #INDUSTRY

Samuelito G says:

Ice Cube is actually a deeply intelligent man.

CJ Carpenter says:

So tell me why Leo just now won his first Oscar? He is a better actor than anyone else. I can name 10 white actors who are better than any black actors all day.

Cruise, Leo, Clooney, Depp, Pitt, Deniro , Affleck, Daniel Craig, Damon, Harrison Ford? Bradley cooper? McConaughey?

CJ Carpenter says:

Why are awards going to be handed to people just cause they are black? Want more awards for blacks then put more whites in the NBA..

It's based off of performance smh.

Stephanie Tramonte says:

then press play

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