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Before it dropped on HBO MAX (oops) Bill saw, and reviews, the Halsey Film Experience ‘If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power’ based off their new album! Having not heard the album, what can be found in the horror story of Lila The Queen and Lilith the Night Monster? Check out his thoughts, analysis, review, breakdown, and reactions! Let him know what to watch/listen to next in the comments, and don’t forget to like the video, subscribe, and ring the bell if you’re so inclined!

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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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thethirdbill says:

Weird Update: this project is now on HBO MAX (not sponsored) so not only does the different format make no sense, but I will say things like 'gee, I hope this gets released for streaming' or something…disregard that part, and I hope you still enjoy the review!

Twitching Dead Girl says:

For the past like 3 months I haven't been getting notis on TTS and the bell is clicked so I'm a little upset….
So tonight we STAB!
Stan…not stab. (With breaks) sorry, I got a new phone & it doesn't have all my cool internet lingo memorized yet.
If you get spammed with comments I apologize I'm planning on catching up while I work tonight.
This film was beautifully produced, and as someone who has lost a spouse and fell into a psychosis because of it… that whole symbolism of possession & then that line "am I not allowed to grieve in my own way?" really got me.

Ratatosk Clarke says:

This was a great reaction!!! You should react to K/DA a virtual kpop group done with characters from a video game !!!! The music videos for POPSTARS – K/DA and MORE – K/DA are breath taking and it’s a really interesting way to bring something fresh to the pop genre!!!

Lilly Macina says:

i noticed in a few scenes that she matched up their lyrics to specific shots, like the lilith hands touching her stomach in the mirror while halsey sings “i’ve been corrupted”, the pan out to the castle tower while they’re singing the lighthouse, etc.

Pastelpurple777 says:

Question: are you planning on reacting to "Lovejoy: Pebble Brain"?

Gyeongmin Kim says:

I don't know if someone has said it before, but it would be so cool to do a trying to stan vocaloid!! Vocaloid is really really big so it's impossible to get to all of them, but there are many very popular songs that're still worth watching. These songs can have such a deep meaning in them that would be amazing to see you dissect it.

Some of those songs are:
– Rolling girl
– Lost one's weeping
– This Fucked-Up Wonderful World Exists For Me
– Tokyo Teddy Bear
– The disappearance of Hatsume Miku
(I want to add a bonus, Love is War but that's probably too many songs at this point…)

I've been wanting this one for a while but was a bit scared about posting it, but I just love how you talk about songs's meanings that I just had to comment it

theniknikgaming says:

You should react to lovejoy(wilbur soots band) new ep Pebble Brain!

Deianne Christine says:

Aaaa ive been watching you for a long time and a great video as always!! <33 I don’t normally comment and I imagine you must get a ton of comments like these but I just really think you should check out FKA Twigs and her music! She’s criminally underrated and I just love her so much it feels like a crime if I dont try to share her music with you :)) I’d recommend cellophane and home with you the most!!

LL17 says:

Try the band weezer

Rambles says:

Hey king! Lovejoy dropped a new EP called Pebblebrain and just as expected it's a banger! Hope you like it and hope you're doing well 😀

Ben Tigrett says:

new lovejoy albums out

Merriann P says:

trying to stan finneas's new album "optimist" pls?

Pez says:

I found an album that may be an interesting listen. It's titled "Departure Songs" by We Lost The Sea. It's an emotional album, and I think you might enjoy it.

LittleOxfordSt says:


Chloe Marie says:

lovejoy just released a new EP !! it would be amazing if you gave it a listen 🙂

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