I Watched Spider-Man: No Way Home in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

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Here goes my breakdown of #SpiderManNoWayHome in 0.25x Speed (Part 1).

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The Canadian Lad says:

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This is just the tip of the iceberg! Part 2 will be at least 30 minutes of quality content. I am not hyping my Part 2 enough, haha! You’re gonna love it. Meanwhile lemme know your thoughts on this video. 🙂

Ishaan Pandey says:

Wow! you just blowed up all of our minds bc the breakdown, its so good we love it the breakdown Good job Lad we all are exited for the part 2

Nicholas Valdes says:

Missed you😩😍

Day Feed says:

This is some classic over analysis Marvel's fans..

Lalit Pandey says:

Which software are you writing on ?

Caah Arch says:

Please try not to include such major spoilers in the thumbnail 😟 I have not seen the movie yet and therefore don't want to watch your videos yet although I'm sure I'll love them as I did with the previous ones. But I can't avoid seeing the thumbnails, so again, please avoid spoilers 😟

The Toy Box of Rassilon says:

I think the manhole focusing is actually more of a slight foreshadowing of the supposed lizard deleted scene where he is in the sewers and dr strange goes for him!


Wow subscribed already ❤️

mukul makwana says:

I watched no way home 3 times

ET Hoshinova says:

8:25 who dat guy

Sridevi Kesireddy says:

We learned that Peter dont have many shirts

Tom Lednor says:

… you spent almost 10 hours watching this film…? Nah. You didn’t

Mr. Jish says:

Delmar's III is more likely in reference to the fact that the original Delmar's got destroyed in Homecoming, then probably also a reference to its probable damage/destruction during the blip (especially of Delmar himself got snapped). Thus, Delmar's III.

Nicola Milford says:

17:00 1+3=4 and D is the 4th letter in the alfabet


I haven't seen nwh . If i watch then i would watch this video.

derrick daniels says:

"It was better when you were blipped" that right there hurts, thats cruel and mean, I personally feel is extremely disrespectful. Even if I felt the way these people did, I wouldn't say some shit like that, thats fucked up.

ActuallyOskiboi says:

Did no one notice that tom Holland had the same tie in the homecoming movie

Indian gaming attack says:

but i watched this video on 2x speed because it ie lenthy😁😁😅😅

Jada E says:

Title should be *I Will Watch…

Slifer _101 says:

The creepy doll kinda looks like its wearing a spidey suit

Echo Night says:

17:42. Very cool.

SEM Sarath Edge says:

yesterday I watched Spiderman movie😌
Incredible ✨🔥
Now it's time to watch all detailed information about the movie 🍿

Allen says:

I love Strange's coffee cup tho.

Victor Kristensen says:

Wait!!!! Can I stream this movie?

Nashayatplayz says:

I realised when spider man says "Everyone who knew who's spiderman should know" if tobey and Andrew didn't come it'd would mean they didn't know them selfs since they are living 2 different lives at once and they don't know which one to pick.

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