Hulk Joins THOR: RAGNAROK 2017

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Marvel’s he Hulk may be join Thor: Ragnarok in 2017. This is the best news since some other pretty good news. And I don’t say that lightly.

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Divergence says:

Pretty well predicted actually nailed the idea. 😀

uglymovement says:

Who's here after watching Thor Ragnarok??!

Stephen Wells says:

Now that the movie has premiered, we can say good job on the two years ago predictions.

Oisin Finnan says:

Nah that'll will never happen

milo lockhart says:

a lot of this happened

Arsenal Red Arrow says:

Hulk doesn't work on his own

Troy Candaza says:

How the frick did he find these movies and know their coming up in 2017???

Com_JOserPH _ says:

you called it

Lucas Hernandez says:

you were right

Thread Bomb says:

Well, turns out you were right. Especially when you said this movie "could be literally anything".

Spot-on Ang Lee hulk impression, BTW.

Sean Francis says:

Wow you were right

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