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Christy Lemire (, @christylemire), Alonso Duralde (TheWrap, Linoleum Knife, Who Shot Ya?, @aduralde), and Matt Atchity (, @matchity) review Hubie Halloween, directed by Steven Brill and starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Julie Bowen, and June Squibb.

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Gabriel Campos says:

I have to feel bad for like some Happy Madison movies? They are not best movies ever cleary, but makes me feel so light and good.

Walter Manson says:

I hate to complain but, Your audio is a little low, it's probably at about 50% compared to where it should be. Awesome review though btw !

Mitch Alex says:

Outstanding reviews. Wish you 3 were on NetFlix.

Trailer Re-Cuts says:

Love the movie! Great podcast! I laughed quite a bit. Be sure to check out our Trailer Re-Cut for the movie on our channel guys.

Don Joe says:

I enjoy Sandler's goofy movies, they're relaxing silly humor, something I just don't see very often or at least I don't come across many in that genre that I enjoy. The cavalcade of guest stars and cameos are good bits. The running gags (as Christy pointed out) of the t-shirts, dodging projectiles, false alarms to the police also kept me laughing. The Halloween production design was breathtaking, you could feel the excitement of the crew getting to go bonkers with the sets it was so well done. I've been seeing from fans that this is a new Sandler classic and a new Halloween annual viewing staple, and I agree. Is it as epic as 1917, no. Is it as funny as Blazing Saddles, no. Did I have a blast watching it, absolutely. 7/10 for me.

I'll admit part of the fun of a Sandler release is watching the critics get frantic at their disbelief that anyone would enjoy it but I contend that his fans aren't idiots, they just like his brand of idiot humor. Example, I like his movies but I also love Willem Dafoe in Opus Zero, or the beauty of the 120fps of Aquarela, and my new favorite director is Robert Eggers – not that any of that matters except that personally, I know several Sandler fans who are also well versed in cinema. I'm sure that some aren't cinephiles too but who cares, it's all just movies and we all like what we like.

TheStoryOfRei says:

I went into this with super super low expectations and I think that helped lol. Also worked on other things while watching/listening to it. I’d probably give it a 5 as well. Like, I chuckled a few times. And I agree with Matt that somewhere in there is a decent movie, there’s actually kind of an interesting plot and characters, but it’s always either too slow, too over the top, or takes a gag a bit too far so that it’s not funny. shrug I don’t regret watching it lol, but it’s not something I’d ever make a point of watching again.

The December Review says:

I actually thought the film was pretty good. Sure some of the jokes were overused but I laughed a lot and enjoyed the Halloween setting.

cybertronftw1 says:

I think it would be amazing if they just did a ranking list of all Adam Sandler’s movies so far where he plays a main or important role. It would be great watching them all pick apart at their rankings

Oliver El says:

I just noticed Alonso's beard is now massive, like he's going for ZZ Top status

WaitingtoHit says:

By the way, for those of you who would like to explore the many layers of meaning in Adam Sandler comedies, I thought I should point out that in The Waterboy, the girlfriend character is named Vicki Vallencourt, which is very similar to Violet Valentine. With any luck, this revelation will result in Matt delivering an hour-long analysis of the romantic relationships within the two movies.

Mike Hebert says:

I thought his voice was kind of Homer Simpsonish.

straightedge veganbel says:

Clearly your expectations were too high.

UN KNOWN says:

Kris Kringle reviews movies now?

Funk O'Matic says:

check out alonso's BEARD..!!! Santa's reviewing movies now…😂😂😂😂

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