Hubie Halloween (2020) – Movie Review

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Hubie Halloween (2020) – Movie Review

Intro Audio by NoR Myers:

Video footage: Halloween (1978), It Follows (2014), Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986), Scream (1996), The Thing (1982), Night of the Living Dead (1968), The Monster Squad (1987)


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dan whits says:

If Chris Farley was still alive he would've played Sandlers mum. 100% 😂😂😂

John T says:

I'll defo be checking it out

Mikes Movie Madness says:

This is Adam Sandler’s worst movie

CLAW & GO says:

Wow if it was for COVID this Friday would be opening night for Halloween kills! 😭😭

LadyScarface Angel says:

Hum…I’ll try it out sometime! Haven’t heard of this one. Thanks for the recommendation!

der todesking says:

I had a great time watching Hubie Halloween, it was a lot of fun!

TurboEarl says:

I enjoyed it, as you say it was a feel good movie, and kids will love it.

John Terris says:

Hubies mum looks like Ann widdecombe 🤣🤣🤣😂🎃🎃🎃🎃👍🇬🇧

DJ Mitz says:

I watched it last night and enjoyed it because it's aimed at a specific audience and knew what it would be like. Daft comedy. And it's harmless fun.

I've liked Sandler since Mixed Nuts and Airheads so I knew what I was getting. But it has a lot of nostalgic nods.

One to double up on with the kids alongside Little Nicky (which I really liked).

Tony Krikorian says:

WAIT! maybe this is a sequel to Waterboy? or billy madison?

Tony Krikorian says:

I think it was a good horror movie, just a little bland.

Jehrome Whyte says:

It was OK, I just don't like how he plays the same character in all his movies. Not a huge fan of his

Jason Dyer says:

I actually loved this fun Halloween movie. If I went to go see it in the theater I would be disappointed but being a Netflix release I thought it was good. Maybe I liked it more because I did not expect much. Great review!!!

Foxy the Pirate says:

I loved all the Halloween references! Not sure if that drive-in scene was a Christine reference(it looked to me like it was) but I loved it as well!

The Horror Geek Film reviews says:

Fab stuff as ever man. Are you on the mighty Facebook at all?
I’ve just tried my own humble review bit ,if ..if you get a chance have a look at my super fast reviews !
Your chum

He Came From The galaxy says:

Great video!

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