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How Zoe Saldana Transforms Into Gamora




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Zoe Saldana is no stranger to playing different life forms from other planets in movies. She famously played Neytiri in 2009’s Avatar, and you wouldn’t recognize Saldana as the character because she is transformed into a blue warrior from another planet.

Saldana has since moved from the color blue to green in MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy. She plays the green-skinned alien assassin Gamora and has fast become a fan-favorite among Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel fans.

But is her transformation as Gamora the same as when she transformed into Neytiri? Here’s how Zoe Saldana transforms into Gamora.

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The Gamora regimen | 0:00
Head on | 1:17
No CGI required | 1:39
Five hour job | 2:19
Label check | 2:45
Not easy being green | 3:15

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