How X-Men Apocalypse Should Have Ended

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We are so thankful to all the fans that submitted ideas for this episode – you all are hilarious and it was so hard to narrow it down!! Congratulations to those of you who had your ideas chosen!

And thank you to everyone who came out to our panel at the San Diego Comic Con to see the premiere. You all were amazing and we had a blast!

Written By the Fans: How X-Men Apocalypse Should Have Ended was created from selected script ideas by HISHE from thousands of comments submitted to the “Lets Make Another Cartoon Together Again” video.


Twitter @theHISHEdotcom
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Background Art: Otis Frampton

Guest Voice: Brock Baker

Fan Writers:
Joseph Johnson
Tektonik Films:
Angelo Jones Mordini:
Juan Pablo saa madrinan:

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Emmet Brown says:

Nighty night!Sweet dreams,pumpki…Sweet Dreams are made of this,everebody looking for something..

Aeryn Maharaj says:

what song was that when deadpool first comes in?????

BlazikenGaming 2133YT says:

XDDD i cant believe he opened up a hair salon!

Fernando Gallegos says:

Neverending reeeebooots aaahhhhhhaaaa aaaaahhhhhhaaaa….. Hahahaha! Lost it at the end

Luminous Light says:

When you realize things from this youtube channel that should've happened in movies. Your like….

? Oh My God.

i kno da wae says:

And from the hair follicles come a better one!!!! I lost it

NotUsingMyName says:

what's sad is someone had to watch that movie in order to make this.

Dean Win says:

Yea they can reboot and forget all the bull but unfortunally we can't

Radicaldanny says:

The REAL Apocalypse: "I am as far beyond mutants, as they are beyond regular humans! I am ETERNAL!"


Greatest American Hero Cameo Nice

Laura Malfoy says:

I want a quicksilver movie in which Peter travelers to another universe and meets up with Pietro…. ~my fantasies

Fred Moejil says:

Deadpool xD

MagicGaming _ says:

The quicksilver part is sooooooo good

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