How Willy Wonka Should have Ended

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Willy Wonka is kind of insane. HISHE shows what should have happened in this movie.

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1202 Program Alarm says:

Keep pressing 2

Perid0tStar says:

@BeautifulDawn97 i loose track of the names of the kids but if you mean the tv kid yep, he was with his mom hon—you may be thinking of varuka-salt aka the spoiled one who was pestering her dad to get her the golden goose

didnt really see all of the remake but thats how it stacked up in the origional 😉

DANTHEMAN1942 says:

this is re-DIC-ulous

Daniel Cockling says:

looked like an ommpa loompa spiked his chocolate with LSD

VolcanicGoku says:

Killing chickens? So now you're sabotaging the Easter Bunny's workers?

odekenobe says:

he could even die of obisity

HomunculusLover says:

What in blazes does this have to do with CHOCOLATE?!

Thaabuddha says:


somethingsnigh says:

that truly was a baffling scene

Toren Turner says:

dont u think in all that chocolate willy wonka would get DIABETES

DANTHEMAN1942 says:

wily wonka intentionaly trys to kill children

darkheartedmonster says:

so he sees those too when hes high

homnom0 says:

If only candy could make you drunk.

Helen Cooke says:

haha drunk on chocolate 😀

Dylan Skinner says:

@tomhanko1 drugs

Boot Zunnington says:


Endo Scorch says:

yep……tahts what we need……a scary tunnel……..just tif freak people out….yeah…

Cubic Studios says:

getting drunk by chocolate? i gotta try that, im not eaven 18!

metalrulesforrever says:

i just laughed my ass off at that

TheRockman120 says:

bbbbbbbbbbboooooooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeee bbbbbbbbbbbbbbboooooooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeee

RALAMA2992 says:

lol thats chocolate Kush

kirsty McNulty says:

@tomhanko1 it was coke-a

tacoman6948 says:

@tomhanko1 booze XD

Atomic Rebellion says:

@twilightkimfan he was chocolate wasted

mkwoohoo says:

@Rolfchoppa007 same here XD

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