How To Make Your Own Jurassic World Velociraptor! – Homemade How-to!

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Do you want to terrify your friends and neighbors? Do you want your very own velociraptor motorcycle gang, like the one Chris Pratt has in Jurassic World? Ben and Bianca will show you how to make a working raptor costume/puppet you can make at home (No Dinosaur DNA required!!!) Subscribe for new Homemade Movies and more How-To’s every other week –

Check out the velociraptor in action in our HOMEMADE Jurassic World Trailer:

Ever wanted to make your own Homemade Movies stuff? Well Ben and Bianca are here to show you! Tied to every new episode of Homemade movies there will be one big build episode where they’ll show you how to make your own outfits, weapons, cosplay, dinosaur, or who knows what else, all out of household items and on a tight budget!

In honor of Jurassic World’s approach, and the upcoming episode of Homemade movies where the team sweded the this the trailer for the upcoming blockbuster, we get to together to show you how to make your very own velociraptor. It’s almost life-sized, and you don’t even need to use cloning technology – just a trip to the hardware store!

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Dinoslay says:

"What species is this?""It's a Velocitarbtor.""You bred tarbtors?"

Lucas Demolinari says:

This is a pretty bomb costume ??

V Santa says:

More like how to make your girlfriend leave you

Cephei Valarion says:


Benji Skenji says:

My dad worked on it but he was not a actor

milhaan playz says:

Cow boy MUSIC!!! OH YEA

KingRayan 78 says:

amazing I'm going to make one

the spider-viking tv says:

how do you can see?

YellowRz says:

Looks like garbage.

Isak Urbán says:

Awsome video guys!!???????

Jaws The Seawing says:

Can I make it so I can see out of it but have it still function?

Sillyguydefender says:

You can make realistic easily. You can use rubber latex but it will just took a long time for such a giant peice of rubber.

FNAH says:

How long does the PVC pipe have to be?

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