How The Battle Of The Five Armies Should Have Ended (feat. Screen Junkies)

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Let us HISHE the Hobbit, one last time…
The mega multiple ending HISHE for Hobbit 3 is finally here. Please enjoy and Thank You for Watching!

Special Thanks to our guest voices at Screen Junkies
Watch their Honest Trailer

Background Artist: Otis Frampton

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The Hobbit HISHE

Desolation of Smaug HISHE


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Nicholas Mendoza says:

Awkward Sliiide.

Floriel Eldamir says:

Mithril !!! Yes Hahaha

Toby Bartels says:

Kili … of the Seven Isles?

keno grafiker says:

Look like darkest dungeon gameplay

Jeppe Bech says:

Radagast is accualy in the battles of the five armies. other than that nice video

athena joy quimbo says:


McKenzie Voyda says:

GiVe Me BaCk My NeCkLaCe!

Wayne Johnny says:

new precious !

Hello People! says:

Can we get an extended version of the legolas song???plz

Император Арсений says:


sj z says:

I'm watching the movie

Draco Malfoy says:

This floor is freaking me out XD

Chris Saloman says:

Legolaaaaas! xD

G G says:

The Legolas ending was the best part !!

OnlyGoodShhh says:

Why Benedict Cumberbatch tho?! Just cuz it sounds funny…? I can dig that! I just wanna be sure that I'm suppose to be this confused by that choice of wording!

ricardo ulises ponce laquise says:

me cago de risa GOOD , GOOD

Sherlock Macca007 says:


DeAwesome J says:

Isnt legolas technically link

Maddie Haag says:

did you just do the awkward slide?

Hannah Lovegood says:

For anyone wondering, Dragon sickness only effected the line of Durin, therefore not effecting the other dwarves

Nikola Mirkovic says:

Best Legolas song – Legolas mrki Legolas(serbian song)

Khilian _G says:

I love it how they don't forget the arkenstone like in the movies

Tokio Drift says:

We all make it to the next movie…

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