How Strong Is the Mythical Kraken? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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The Kraken is one of the most feared mythical beasts ever for its ability to pull entire ships down under the waves. But how strong would it have to be to do that? Kyle has the gripping details on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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Nerdist says:

Did you know colossal squid nibble food because of the shape of their brains? NEW mini-ep over on my Insta: — KH

TheHunterWolf says:

That's why a smart well-educated Krakens always squeeze and break ships in half before dragging them down into the bottom of the ocean for a quick snack, even Kraken's know that much science 😉

Connor Cameron Jaggs says:

… Liam Neeson wasn't in pirates of the Caribbean. That's Bill Nighy ?

Danielle Zepess says:

What if a Kraken doesn't need super strength & it just super aerates the water beneath a ship? That would suck the ship down, allowing water into the hull & then gravity & pressure do the rest.

Chris Brandenburg says:

gross tonnage eh? i can think of a few people with some gross tonnage.

Anthony Young says:

That my favorite type of rum

MrYoda2k says:

Now i feel sorry for the girls in hentai…

Dangerlus says:

7:39 I have seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

Proud Jackbooted Thug says:

All these equations seem to be based on the assumption that the ship is being pulled down with the force spread equally among it's surface. It would probably take less force to snap the vessel in half and as it's being flooded with water then pull it down. Not saying the math is wrong, just saying realistically (Yes, I know it's a myth) a kraken would likely snap the vessel in half rather than pull it down all at once.

Applejack885 says:

On the Marine Corps Birthday, I drink an entire bottle of Kraken. Well, sort of. I drink it until I vomit and lose consciousness because it's awful.

Harry Baron-Richardson says:

And then you ride it away

Stephen Baldwin says:

you beat me to it! i was all keyed up to be that smart arse who smugly told you "ooh, but being that strong would just break it the ship up and negate its bouyancy anyway, so really we only need to know a decent range of strength for it to break apart the wooden ships of the legends time for it to drag sailors to their icy deaths" but no, you beat me to the punch. well played science friend.

Phoenix Dayler says:

We need a Godzilla vs Kraken

dylan bailly says:

couldn't it just pierce the hull, negating the buoyancy

Fred Pinheiro says:

But ir the kranken break the ship? (I think is gone be a lit hard to do it)

Paul Goodridge says:

A giant squid for back then would be the same as seeing the Iron Giant compared to a supertanker. purely due to ship size.

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