How Indiana Jones 4 Should Have Ended

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Turns out 20 years of waiting and aliens aren’t the best combination after all.

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This short was originally made in 2009 along side How Terminator Should End. It was intended as a double feature, but got put on the shelf and was never finalized once the new HISHE season was put into production.

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Joey Taylor says:

That Blade Runner 2 was foreshadowing 2049

PJ 8 says:


Byron Stukenberg says:

Where 1,2, and 3??????????? Why start with the worst one ?

Carlos Torregrosa Martínez says:

Blade Runner 2: Attack of the Replicants
That was a perfect forshadowing.

Cole Schmitt says:

Lol blade runner 2 was amazing

Noah Kuruvilla says:

There was a part of me that thought Jones would hulk out here.

schattentaenzerin says:

I'm glad you focused not on the Aliens, but on the invincible characters made of rubber.
How can one care about them, if there's no danger to them? They fell down three giant waterfalls in a row. It was just slapstick without the fun of that.

Garreth Kelly says:

Well you got the blade runner 2 prediction xD

Parzifal Productions says:

The new blade runner was surprisingly good.

Berry Stapp says:

I liked Indiana Jones 4. It was the first Indiana Jones Movie I ever saw in the Theatre. To be honest I never liked Raiders of the Lost Ark, growing up. Temple of Doom is my #1 favorite, then Last Crusade, then Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, then Raiders.

Encrusted Stones says:

sniff You broke my heart Indiana.

Billy Silver says:

Blade Runner 2… They made the joke before it becamea reality

General 5 star says:

Y'all predicted blade runner 2

Gerald Mardiska says:

George lucas eating a bowl,of cash…lol

Nam Nguyễn Tú says:

We ve actually had blaze runner 2 ???

Rob Brumfield says:

That was one of the worst movies ever.

David De León says:

After all these years, they still convinced Harrison Ford to do Blade Runner 2.

scaniaman gaming says:

What the he'll did I just watch

Dicky Collins says:

This is the only indiana jones movie I have ever seen.

atessa shahkar says:

Yes, everything about this yes!

Cristóbal Avendaño says:

Aaaah phhhink ah prohck ebbree bouns in mah baaaadeeeeee!!

Michael Kalendra says:

They called the Blade runner sequel before it came out

Pinkamena Diane Pie says:

I actually liked it

yoav cohen says:

Lol…thats exactly how the new blade runner turned out ..
Epic forsight

That Guy says:


Lodogg 3323 says:

And they STILL made Blade Runner 2…

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