How Big Hero 6 Should Have Ended

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Enjoy our Shortcut of How Big Hero 6 Should Have Ended. Shortcuts are when we parody ONE scene from a movie, tv show, or videogame.

Guest artist and animator Erik Steele

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Erik Steele
Jon Rick

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ItzSharkGaming says:

Make a Cars hishe

waer de wae says:

Who else expected majoras mask

Link of Hryule says:

"But I have a daughter, so it's okay to break the law"

C.B. D says:

wow just wow

Jay The Demon Neko Boy says:

Baymax's Best Quote….

"You Are a Terrible Father"

Xavier Ballard says:

I'm seeing a lot of specific observations

kitty awesome says:

You are terrible father lol

s aeureus says:

the hecckkk

MiniTrudg says:


Emma Bennett says:

and then they save the daughter

Hiensen Plays CS:GO says:

I thought it should ended with Tadachi still alived???

Kerry Seaton says:

Why does the cop look like he’s just smacking his keyboard? Does he know how to uses a computer?

Christian plays roblox says:

why does the kids animation look like south parks

50,000,000 views says:

This reminds of South Park

larry Owens says:

I wish his brother lived

Jair Artis says:

I thought they thought she was dead

PKMN Trainer Mark says:


Kusum Boliya says:

Lovely & Very Creative.
It makes me laugh all the the I see this.

Saidielivpig - says:

Woah, WEIRD animation style on this one

Joey Cepeda says:

Where is batman?

The Blue Man says:

Can you do how Wall-E should have ended please

Zec Johnson says:

It really should have ended with baymax having low battery right when he shoots hiro out of the portal

Tc says:

yeah but Baymax ran out of battery.

Alixius says:

And I would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for your meddling robot

Lily-Grace Saunders says:

so…SO the marshmallow robot in the movie
would not have had to die

Flame says:

what a terrible father and heros right

Flame says:

like MR.K your not smart because you could just kill your daughter any way

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