HOTEL MUMBAI | Amazing Trailer | American Reaction | Dev Patel

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HOTEL MUMBAI | Amazing Trailer | American Reaction | Dev Patel – Please check out our radio station

The true story of the Taj Hotel terrorist attack in Mumbai. Hotel staff risk their lives to keep everyone safe as people make unthinkable sacrifices to protect themselves and their families.


Anushka Narendra says:

This is the real incident happened in India Mumbai and the date was 26/11 Hotel was in Navi Mumbai

Lachhman Yadav says:

2008 RIP😖😖😖😖😖

Real INDIAN says:

26/11 attack in Mumbai planned by Pakistani Terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba leader hafeez saeed….

AIPC says:

pakistan will pay the price by being disintigerating into parts. Indian corrupt politician didn't do a shit. had there been America, the porkis would have been nuked into dark ages


There were numerous innocent people who lost their loved ones and WTF these bastards got??.. Is this what their religion taught them.. Khuda gyaan de..

Ankit Sharma says:

Bad movie of Dev patel = the last air bender 😀

mayank mittal says:

The reason that westerns are very ignorant or unaware about these attacks because international or western media in particular didn't cover this incident with same sensibility as the way they covered those Paris and other European attacks…

Tushar Ghag says:

Fucking pigistani…….

vijay Kumar says:

India will revenge for this terrorist attack plotted by Pakistan
And we will fuck Pakistan we
Will never forget this day

Preeth S Kumar says:

Long time viewer first time commentor – Gotta say Prof looks like you gotta feel our pain too there! This was our 9/11 that unfortunately dragged on for 4 dreadfully long days. And presently Pakistan where these terrorists (all Pakistani) were trained and dispatched from (Whether with State backing or by non state actors) is bankrupt and in financial chaos begging for aid from all over. #TheHateYouGive huh?

Uri's factual retelling has gotten quite a few Pakistanis to question it's authenticity, as they claim it never happened. Figure once the embarrassment of having the US take out Osama hiding out in their Annapolis, exposed them for being the official terror capital of the world, any acknowledgement of Indians then knocking out the terror camps that reign free there would absolutely own them. Nevertheless while the people may be gems, the nation is a failed state and a shell game of a democracy. Can only hope they own their horrors at some stage as they still keep inflicting them on us and everyone else in the neighborhood.

Anirban says:

Greetings from North east India, I wish you guys have a great Christmas and New Year ahead

Manish Raj says:

Pakistan sucks ….sponsors terrorism all over India and world

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