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Hellraiser (2022) – Riley Defeats Pinhead – Scene (HD) | Hulu Originals




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Our Take: “ENOUGH… is a MYTH.” So says Beelzebub’s personal assistant or factotum or ambassador or whatever – they’re hideous and terrifying, but also quite wise, we learn. The intimidating androgyne with the telltale pin-studded bald head – informally Pinhead, here dubbed The Priest and modified from the original to be less overtly male, and also known as a Cenobite, although we don’t hear that word in this movie – knows a thing or two about desire. They and their entourage of hideous hangers-on (yes, Teeth-Chatter Guy gets rebooted, and he’s nifty as ever) will never, ever stop wanting flesh or souls or pleasure or pain, and they’re willing to endure great, convoluted ceremonial nonsense to attain it. Since pills and booze are Riley’s demons, she’d be wise to view the Cenobites’ implied stories as cautionary tales. Or maybe they could just attend a meeting with her. Might do ’em some good.