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Hell Priestess Of Hellraiser Explored – Evolution Of A Simple Girl To Cenobite!




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The movies in the Hellraiser series often test the borders of the extreme with their elements of sadomasochism, visceral gore, dark fantasy, and somewhat Lovecraftian sci-fi. In horror flicks, often the last woman alive, left to take on the killer, is referred to as the final girl. Kirsty Cotton, however, has never been referred to as the final girl in the Hellraiser franchise. This is probably because the films are not like just any other slasher franchise, and her role in the series is pretty underrated and unique. The character first appeared in the first Hellraiser movie, which was based on Clive Barker’s novella, and since then has been seen in three other Hellraiser films.
Kirsty’s character starts off as a beautiful blend of inner strength and quiet vulnerability. She is a compelling character and is fiercely independent. Her interactions with the cenobites are eventful, adding spice to the Hellraiser narrative. She is often daring, and doesn’t seem to be disturbed by any threat, especially when it comes to protecting herself or her loved ones. Kirsty Cotton has been an essential part of the franchise, and actor Ashley Lawrence certainly did justice to the role. In this video, we will tell you all about the evolution of this intriguing character and her remarkable journey from a simple girl to a cenobite!

0:00 Intro
1:44 Story of Kirsty Cotton Before She Became Hell Priestess
7:38 Her Conversion Into Hell Priestess
12:15 Future Of Kirsty’s Character In Hellraiser Franchise