Happy Death Day – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Happy Death Day, starring Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Charles Aitken, Laura Clifton. Directed by Christopher Landon.


Vachaspathi Bonala says:

It's sad this movie outperformed blade runner 2049

James Sykes says:

I loved that movie

Raptor Daptor47 says:

I hated it
The trailer was better than the movie

Terminator T-X3 says:

A movie "naked," a comedy uses the same idea, lol, and surprisingly better than it sounds too.

Bethany L says:

Once they made fun of deaf people, I stopped watching. That pissed me off so much. That was not necessary for the story.

Andrei Rusu says:

Just seen it, really good movie.

Technicstechnician says:

Any fuck scenes?

Alm1ghtySn3akz says:

Spoiler Alert ?
She dies

Laverne Blaszczyk says:

The girl is so pretty- and thankgod for birthday magic, everybody gets a do over but ONLY if you die on your birthday….and if you're a mean douchebag who needs to learn and grow….ergo, birthday loophole are onlyfor jerks ???

Coushatta LaRue says:

I just finished this movie. Wasn't great but I did enjoy it.

Chiver 71 says:

I liked the multiple shots of the "They Live" poster

MidLevelMovieReviews says:

You underrated this one man, I thought it was awesome!

Phil S says:

yeah twist just to twist i actually bought it being first person they had more a motive and wouldve fit fine but eh was like is there going to be another one after end credits or something too lol wouldn't stop…

Phil S says:

scream time travel lol still good though

THGhost2013 says:

Nobody in this movie tries to explain what's going on by mentioning Groundhog Day. Does Chris have a terrible memory sometimes? ?

What doesn't make sense once you know who the killer is? It made perfect sense to me!

Miguel Rivera says:

I don’t know how am I supposed to like this movie when the main character is a complete cunt.

mikee says:

the violence is very minimal?! I actually thought it was very violent cause I didn't watch too many movies like this, before they just make my stomach sick but now it isn't that bad anymore

Papi F says:

Chris the trailers looked serious by the way.

Jayson Markey Youtube Chanel says:

she doesn't reference groundhog day, she's never heard of groundhog day which you find out at the end when her boyfriend references groundhog day . your entire review is invalid ?

Patrick Todd says:

I really enjoyed this movie.

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