Halloween Kills Extended Teaser Trailer 2 (All Available OFFICIAL Footage)

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My 2nd extended trailer for Halloween Kills which includes every clip of available footage from officially released teasers and BTS. Includes music from John Carpenter’s original soundtrack for Halloween 2018 ‘The Shape Hunts Alysson’ & ‘The Shape Kills’.



Luke Vest says:

That was amazing!!!

samira belini says:

Very goodd , πŸ₯°

Hollow Tipss1 says:

I heared this was micheal myers leagcy movie so this is the last one, they say πŸ˜”

Zephyrson Zephyrson says:

I keep coming back to this and sharing it. I might have watched it 30 times over the past few days. It feels the way it should. Great job

Tom Buckenham says:

Great work!!! So hyped for Kills

K W says:

This is fake and misleading and everyone in the comments are bots

Get Real says:

Love the this version πŸ₯°

Melissa Todd says:

Have to say music from 18 was great and scary

MHL Fitness says:

This is amazing!

Cinsational Cinema says:

Exceptional work. I have watched this 5x already. I shared it with some friends too. Bravo πŸ‘

Michael King says:

that was fucking awesome my friend!

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