Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (9/12) Movie CLIP – Family Reunion (1998) HD

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Halloween H20: 20 Years Later movie clips: http://j.mp/1JcIxKd
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John (Josh Hartnett) and Molly (Michelle Williams) briefly evade Michael Myers (Chris Durand), only to lead Michael right to Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis).

This is the seventh movie in this horror series and a 20th anniversary follow-up to John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978), arguably the most influential horror film of the ’70s, a film that set the standard of horror for the next two decades and catapulted the career of Jamie Lee Curtis. Newspaper clippings review the murders 20 years earlier by Michael Myers, including one stating that Laurie Strode (Curtis) died in a car accident. Actually, she faked her death to hide from Michael, changed her name, and became headmistress at a Southern California boarding school attended by her son, teen John (Josh Hartnett). On Halloween, with most of the school staff and students away on a Yosemite camping trip, John plans a “romantic” evening with several of his classmates — his girlfriend, Molly (Michelle Williams); Charlie (Adam Hann-Byrd); and Sarah (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). Laurie, meanwhile, has her own date with school counselor Will (Adam Arkin); on their date, she reveals some of the secrets of her past life to Will. Meanwhile, masked Michael (Chris Durand) evades security guard Ronny (LL Cool J) — and the nightmares begin anew. Curtis’ mother, Janet Leigh, appears in a cameo role as the school secretary. The music score by John Ottman features orchestral variations on the 1978 score composed by Carpenter.

TM & © Miramax Films (1998)
Cast: Chris Durand, Josh Hartnett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Williams
Director: Steve Miner
Producers: Malek Akkad, Moustapha Akkad, Paul Freeman, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Williamson, Cary Granat
Screenwriters: Debra Hill, John Carpenter, Robert Zappia, Matt Greenberg

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Vlog V1be says:

Best movie ❤️

Monique White says:

Michael is crazy

Electro Skull says:

1:30 wiggle the knife

Ji Aikidi says:

cái ông mai cồ mai ơ này ghê vl

Blu Ray John Paul says:

1 of the top 3 best scenes in the movie.

NaruSakuFan says:

1:59 one of the best moments in the movie, Laurie and Michael seeing each other again after 20 years later

DevilGearHill says:

=I just realized what is so wrong with Michael in H2O – I have no recollection whatsoever of him creepily breathing through the mask… It's just… As if the guy's a robot or something.

Payton Cau says:

No thank you 😫😲😫

alex ralley says:

They need to call the cops

Echoboomer1987 says:

So, you haven't seen your brother in twenty years and he travels all the way from Illinois to California to visit you, and you just shut the door on him? So rude.

Fiendish says:

A very enjoyable film but I found it distracting how they reused the Scream soundtrack multiple times throughout

Long John says:

Definitely the worst Mike Myers mask I’ve ever seen.

Long John says:

Halloween H20

H20 Delirious

Mike, Jason, and Delirious all wear masks


I think not.

Roberto Hernandez says:

This film no longer counts as it does not exist in the Halloween universe anymore thanks to halloween 2018

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