Halloween (1978) Trailer

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John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN premiered on October 25th, 1978, not in Los Angeles with a big event at Mann’s Chinese Theater, instead it opened in Kansas City. It did quite well there and opened up in Chicago, and then earned showings in New York. From there, it had a platform release across the country, playing in different cities at different times.

Over 31 years later, the movie has made its money back more than 200 times! This earned it the title of the most successful independent horror movie of all time.

Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis, P.J. Soles, Nancy Loomis, Charles Cyphers, Brian Andrews

Produced by:
Moustapha Akkad, Irwin Yablans

Written by:
John Carpenter & Debra Hill

Directed by
John Carpenter


Stubby's World says:

Just seen the new one. I love all of them❤️

Lj 17 says:

Damn they pretty much showed the whole movie…

Robert Johnson says:

The thing is why would Michael try and kill his own SISTER??

Fia Ramona Lavigne says:

I've been here after watching Hallowen 2018 lastnite 😭😭😭

ahmed rida says:

is the boy in second 0:38 Ricky Schroder ?

Justin Fencsak says:

When that red band comes on you're in for a scare

Dale Gribble says:

Who's here because your so hyped for the new one you just can't get enough Halloween trailers?

George Bonis says:

Asshole neighbors…who tf hears all this and just ignores it lol

mammie barry says:

Needed more scarecrowopnbklucifierofwifey%&%5🔪🚪🔫myhubby901

Kris Williamson says:

Its The SHSHSHSH. And The MUSIC OF J C. & DH. TEAM WORK.THAT MAKES THE MOVIE. 1978.ps My name is mark Burlison. Not KW. PS Y JUST HAVE TWO Be Looking. AT That. WHITE. FACE. the MASK.

Laughs & Screams says:

It’d be hilarious if it just kept on and on showing him walking down the stairs lol. I don’t remember it taking him that long.

ᏕᏥαrσח says:

Who comes here because of Dead by Daylight? 😂

Francesca m says:

Qual a diferença pro Jason?

Skrawl says:

To think she plays Street fighter

blood craver gamer says:

What was living behind that boys eyes was pure evil

Andrew Powell says:

This trailer to an awesome movie SUCKS because it gives away the beginning and half the movie. Thumbs down!

Vegeta4President says:

The fact that this movie still in 2018 is prolly the scariest movie ever made just shows you don’t need all that “Gore” or “paranormal” Bullshit to make a good Horror movie! Remember, this movie didn’t have a drop of blood in it ! It was all about the theater of mind! Saying it’s a classic is a understatement!

PJJ PMT says:

He'll never open that door. Not with that screaming, banging and music.

Iconic stuff says:

Definitely one of my favorite horror films!

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