Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Homemade Behind the Scenes

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The Homemade Movies gang went for a long trip around the intergalactic DIY zone to recreate this entirely homemade trailer. Make sure to see how they used homemade items in this exclusive behind-the-scenes.

Homemade Movies serves up creative remakes of your favorite movies trailers and scenes! Every episode is an exact shot-for-shot remake created at home without any visual effects. It’s homemade movie magic! Let us know in the comments what movie you want to see homemade next!

Watch the full homemade version:

Watch the side-by-side comparison with the original:

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Edited by John Tomlinson
Executive Producer: Dustin McLean

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Nerd Net says:

shelton benjamin

lujiayi111 says:

Why do you say frik

Alonso Garcia/MR MEME says:

It’s funny how they used the guy from Jurassic world to play star lord just like Chris Pratt.
Coincidence I think not

Jhody Belarmino says:

do a kiss vovi

Ben Tenisin says:

I’m a kid you gis are so cool

Rob Anderson says:

Its so cool how they use a to resler and drax is a resler

Bangaru Kumari says:

How many years old is corvus

Joanne Mae Evangelista-Nava says:

James gun is the guy who gotg1 and gotg2

everett stiger says:

its been sooo long since i watch you guys

Louie Trujillo says:

Why'd you say frekin at the start3t times

James Sanderlin says:

Not rocket arrow

winterwonderwolf gaming says:

Your not the real director!

Joanne Mae Evangelista-Nava says:

Same as the movie

RigorSkat says:

you are a miracle peoplе)))

SupeSami90 says:

how did you make the jetpack

SupeSami90 says:

you got the same actor for chris pratt

shakyfocus says:

That rocket you used to make groot is an San Diego comic con exclusive xD


New subscriber great videos

Ulysses Fuentes says:

GAURDIANS OF the Freaking galaxy

Kaev Edmalin says:


Seet Alex says:

Stop saying the f word

Jehdeiah Page says:

The baby is so cute

jesus Chairez says:

I watch wwe

jacks minecraft 10 says:

I like your videos

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