Golden Globe Nominees Shocks & Snubs – SJU!

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Roth Cornet
Dan Murrell
Spencer Gilbert
Roxy Striar

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horstdieter10 says:

Befor you accuse people of something you should inform yourself about it! The members of the Hollywood Foreign Press that vote for the Golden Globes have seen all the movies, even if they have not been released in theaters. There are special screenings throughout november in which every movie that is submitted by the producers/studio/distributor is screened for the HFPA members. That means of course they have seen the Greatest Showman, even if noone else has yet.

Lily Reilly says:

I sat here WAITING for you to talk about James Franco's performance and you barely even mentioned it…

Susan Weiss says:

First timer! Screen Junkies ROCK!!!

Akshaye Mavinkurve says:

At least they should have begged Ricky Gervais to host. I like Seth Myers, but I love Ricky Gervais comedy. I wish Ricky Gervais would host every Golden globe

jamako says:

Best Director and NO ONE mentions Denis Villeneuve, are you serious?

Mega Frost says:

What about War for the Planet of the Apes, Logan, Get Out, and Thor Ragnarok????

john smith says:

Anthony Gaudioso for The Ghost and The Whale, starring Jonathan Pryce- He gained 72 pounds to play the eldest brother of the title character.  It's not fair, – He should of been nominated, no question about it!!

Conor Eiffe says:

Anyone pissed about Logan getting snubbed. Dont worry, TDK was nominated for 8 Oscars, so maybe Logan might get 3 or 4 noms. Also sooo many other movies were snubbed

Bridgeside Productions says:

We have some snubs too!

Aidan Spiderman says:

Here's my Best Picture nominees

Lady Bird
The Big Sick
The Disaster Artist

Aidan Spiderman says:

Johnny Greenwood definitely deserves best original score

Evaa Lynn Schleider says:

I think the host of this show would've been a more convincing Tanya Harding than Margot Robbie.

Stephanie Mitchell says:

I have no sound!!! I hear nothing ????

Iafiv Iv says:

Ok i can sort of understand Logan not getting a nomination but come on Hugh Jackman or Patrick Stewart could at least get a token nomination in the lead actor/supporting actor categories.Instead we have Jackman nominated in the musical comedy field for The Greatest showman.Because in the future that is the role that people will remember Jackman for especially in 2017.Also Patrick Stewart for best supporting actor?The guy is 77 going in 78 how many more movies can he appear in and still get noticed by anyone?Also Blade Runner 2049 nothing like seriously nothing?

From Fear to Trust says:

Utterly shameful that Blade Runner 2049 isn't up there.

Notthatsamsmith 11 says:

Why is foxy wearing a night gown?

Trey Posey says:

Any Twin Peaks discussions?

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