Gods of Egypt – movie review

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An epic tale about Egyptian Gods from the director of The Crow…this SHOULD be good…Jeremy reviews “Gods of Egypt”!

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mahan sayadinia says:

do you ever compliment a movie?

leroy ball says:

fuck this movie

Kristijan Jurisic says:

This movie is worse then DOGSHIT

Ewiryh says:

I don't get the hate. This was a perfectly fine fairytale. Sure, there was bad cgi and cheap catchphrases, yet it delivered a fine message, and an alright story. It is a fairytale equivalent to Pacific Rim as a cheap eye-candy action flick.

Raven Mason says:

it was in egypt and only one black person lol

emil engen says:

Don't use dick as an insult!!!!

Ahmed falah says:

only god is allah

ITz TRICKY says:

I thought it was a really fun and entertaining movie, don’t get the overwhelmingly negative reviews

SellManStef says:

I remember when the movie ended some asshole clapped and then everyone else clapped, I felt said on that day.

Erevos says:

what i hated most about this movie was that they messed up the mythology. hathor was a slut in this movie who used her sexuality to save horus and became seth's sex partner. they removed the fact that hathor was in fact sekhmet, the first eye of ra, the most violent deity. where were sobek and neith? and ra, wow, they turned him into a pussy.

Aizen Sousuke says:

Lame review.

Catastrophic 1975 says:

I just watched this today. It looked like a SciFi Channel exclusive

gemvega 22 says:

my biggest box office disappointments are the boss baby, nine lives, and all jason friedberg and aaron seltzer movies.

Theria Williams says:

There are only white people in this crap of a movie…..THEY GOT LIFE FUCKED UP????

Gold World says:

nazi revisonist propaganda-the movie but you are my black brother

StarlightArt says:

At least Anubis looked cool…

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