Ghost In The Shell Movie Review

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Our review of the live-action adaptation of the highly regarded anime Ghost In The Shell.

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ScreenJunkies News says:

Anyone seeing Ghost in the Shell this weekend? raises hand

cosmic panda says:

if you give them something new they will complain that it changed the source to much

Jñānam Jason Gan says:

disappointed by how they “Hollywoodized” the script. They ripped off Batman Begins. Why can’t they just follow the original manga, instead of rewriting the story?

Thomas Arndt says:

I want to ask that if this film is so bad, then why do the Japanese love the film. Plus the actual character in the original movie was told that she looked like a westerner. So are you saying that that the original was as bad in casting a westerner like Scarlett Johansson. Then you have to look again at the first movie, or Manga, then you will see that they actually did a service placing her in the role. But is you want to see what the maker of the series said was the best version, then look at the English dubbed version. Not that he love everything about this, but as the voice for the major he said he had never heard such a prefect western voice when Mary McGlynn was cast for her voice. If I would fault the movie for anything, this is it actually, as they could have at least done something with Scarlett's voice. The main feature that hit the film that caught most of us that loved it, was the fact that the entire movie was about dualism. Which when listening to your review I heard no comment about, even you have to admit that Blade Runner kind of hit on it, whereas the Matrix did a piss poor job on covering it, though I loved the movie because of other parts. This movie I will admit dumb's down their version of dualism, though as our movies have tried to handle complex subjects, the truth is when it is complex they love to dumb it down because they think we're stupid. So I ask you if you had seen the original which I suspect you have, where was your analysis about where this went wrong? Just my happy opinion as a working trying to be writer that loves inner complexity in stories.

vlenhoff says:

I thought Ghost in the Shell was pretty good. Not perfect, but not empty, as make it sound.

Goktimus Prime says:

They really should have allowed the antagonist to be the Puppet Master like with the original manga instead of merging the character of Kuze (from the Stand Alone Complex TV series) with the Puppet Master. In doing so, they really reduced the antagonist which is really what has dumbed down the story compared to the original. And the sub plot that tried to explain that Kusanagi and Kuze are actually Japanese people whose brains have been implanted into Caucasian looking shells was really just a pointless waste of time. As with this reviewer, I didn't want to judge the politics of the film but only wanted to appraise the film on its own merits. But that sub-plot dragged the politics of the casting choice into the story when it really didn't need to.

But ultimately, had they allowed the antagonist to be a more interesting character, like the Puppet Master, then Kusanagi in turn would've been a more fleshed out and interesting protagonist, and in turn the story would have been greatly improved. It was these elements that made the original great and is sorely missing from the live action adaptation. It really feels like the writers of the script just missed the entire point of what Ghost in the Shell is supposed to be about as a piece of science fiction literature.

Mateo Alce says:

right on man, ghost in the shell with no ghost

jervis8784 says:

"I'm not going to compare it to anything else" – Then why did you compare it to Blade Runner, Minority Report, Robocop, the Matrix?? You can't help but compare.
The idea of humanity and machine, has been explored as far back as Metropolis (1927). This theme has a history that goes back as long as 90 YEARS!! And your point of reference for this review goes as far back as Blade Runner (1982), and Robocop
(1987). I'd say this is a theme that is worth repeating to people who may not have seen the movies that you've mentioned, why fix something that is not broken? If you're constantly watching so many movies, eventually your're gonna figure out that there's a systematic pattern to every film, I don't know why you referenced Blade Runner and Robocop, perhaps they were both also visually stunning that it imprinted onto you, well for some people they're going to get that experience through this film, so stop thinking you're going to relive that old memory, you're never going to get it anywhere else except from the very film that gave you that experience

Lord Rorschach says:

This movie is great I like it. Murrel es very grumpy and negative with his point of vew. This movie is very entretain is like a good detective history. And The World of Ghost in the shell is espectacular. This is one of the worst reviews of Murell dont see this vídeo.

drakon32 says:

This movie did not have a chance after announcing the cast.

Edward Jones says:

I did not like that much

hewhoisthere says:

"I'm not going to compare it to anything else"

Proceeds to compare it to everything else

francis chow says:

Its not that they didn't go into new territory, they actually removed the core of the story dealing with puppetmaster AI, that just hollowed it out completely, its inexplicable why they chose to do this, they dumped a far more interesting idea for a mundane one, for no reason at all, it most certainly wasn't budget, it wasn't even a real love interest, it was just a change for the sake of dumbing it way down.
The film just makes me angry for the wasted potential, you can tell the director simply didn't get it, that the major would walk like a man is just ridiculous in its own world when clearly they mastered the technology to the point where such a bug wouldn't be a thing at all.

Sok Su says:

It's so strange to take a movie that calls to a large franchise and review it separately. It seems to be a persistent problem of today's television and movie critics. While the majority of films and series are either movie versions or screen adaptations of the existing books, stories etc, or remakes, or sequels to something, they are being reviewed as a thing in itself, ignoring the massive damage they deal to the original. Because that's what happens mostly – the source material gets badly mangled and this is how it will be remembered from now on, and the visuals of the film or series now define everyone's image of particular title, no matter how ridiculously untrue to source might they be.
Other than that – great review and I'm 100% with you on every point you made.

Wanneke Kusumodiardjo says:

The essence of Ghost In The Shell is that question, that no one asked before when the manga comic books were issued in the late 1980s and early 1991. This is before the anime in the mid 1990s. So to ask the questions about 3 decades later….. Well. The alternative though, is to move it so further away from the original premise that it should not be called Ghost In The Shell.

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