Geostorm – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Daniel Wu, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia. Directed by Dean Devlin.


Gzilla100 says:

I saw half of this movie last night my brother wanted to see it and he was getting bored my sister thought it was awful so I got up and watched a better movie Godzilla 2000 thank god i did.

Sami Lynn says:

I made it halfway thought this movie … nup, time to go play some ps4 instead.

cool968585 says:

All Disaster movies in a nutshell
Oh no shit happens
Where the fuck are you
“One minute of Pointless crying”
Yay I found you let go to find the other pointless characters
Oh no ded people
Yay we found them
we the only family to go home

BassoProfundo20 says:

I love storm porn <3

Twzilla01 The dark phoenix says:

I honestly liked it

In10se says:

Danng, is there anyway to see the movie (after the premiere) for people outside the US? Really wish to see it!

Adeel Rahat says:

i liked the movie.
What do you expect from a disaster movie.

TheHappyPigeon YT says:

Most of the stuff he is saying is not true

Fays Baroom says:


cliffedward says:

To quote Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon, "I'm getting to old for this shit." Perhaps I have been around to long but as soon a this started I thought 'been there'.
I knew it was sci-fi when the President was portrayed as a human being and a high speed chase involved electric cars. I mean really?

Tra vis says:

Dam good movie

phil chao says:

My only issue with this review is your mispronounciation of Roland Emmerich..

Julie Harden says:

I just finished watching this movie. Wow. Geostorm is bad. How can you mess up a natural disaster movie that spectacularly? Dante's Peak, Twister and Armageddon are still the gold standard. Even San Andreas is Oscar worthy compared to this.

Thomas Müthing says:

Gerard Butler as one of the smartest scientists who ever lived. Spot the fatal flaw …

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