Game Of Thrones Season 8 Trailer Breakdown and Easter Eggs

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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Trailer Breakdown and Easter Eggs. Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Release Date, Jon Snow, Arya and Lyanna Stark ►
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Emergency Awesome says:

Here's my Game Of Thrones Season 8 Trailer video! Lots of Easter Eggs, let me know how many you spotted. And post all your theories in the comments! Lots more GoT coming soon

Liz 7 says:

Looking back to all your videos you were so RIGHT!! I Love it…

Na rovinu - Brandobur says:

Brienne and Pod will survive, for their are being seen in an another battle , when they have the stark targaryen siguel

Ishita says:

Here after the premiere episode and holy shit, Jon WAS in the crypts near Ned when he found out about his true heritage.

Solymar Ovando says:

Hey I have some doubts… That feather isn't Robert's gift… On season 5 (episode 4 I think) when Sansa is back at Witerfell she goes down to the crypt. She puts a candle on Lyanna's hand and takes the feather with her. Then little finger comes to say goodbye before going back to King's landing… What do you think about that?

Julie Rouse says:

Does Jon Snow's statue look like it might appear to be an older Jon Snow?

Joy Baker says:

Arya running in a corridor. A corridor that winds. Winterfell doesn't do that. The sconce difference could be that they changed them, or it's a continuity error.

The reason it's the Red Keep:

Arya lost her battle with the Mountain and she's running. She then runs into the Hound, then he engages his brother while she escapes and we have Cleganebowl.

Donquixote Doflamingo says:

Arya run from littlefinger White Walker version!

Joakim Brander says:

this duck 🦆. think about it! 😂 I will never forget it

Salman Seph says:

where the faaaaak is BROOOOON????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eduardo Boquin says:

I need an episode with a full story recap. It could be an hr long if needed. I can't remember shit lol

Michael Sweet says:

Jon's statue looks luke him much much older than Sansa & Arya's….hint hint!

Natalee Oz says:

Omg I can't believe itsbeen this long!I have since given birth to my daughter Lyanna, she's 6 months old

Tay Jordan says:

There has to be balance …
Someone must take the Nk's place

Corina Miller says:

Love them facing themselfs in the crypt

Donna D'Rose says:

Just watched again and it’s cool that Jon’s dad confirms to him that yes you are a Stark… as well as you are a Targaryen. That’s probably was just what he needed to hear/remember

Donna D'Rose says:

Any news on West World???

Donna D'Rose says:

I love it when they all three meet up waiting for Jon to walk up and their faces are all in unison as they turn to look at their statues in awe. And the feather gets iced up as if Liana was throwing it off herself for the final time because she doesn’t want Jon to see Robert a part of her life. Like he wasn’t my love at all! Your dad was! You are ice from me and fire from your real father as His fire blew

foozep2333 says:

I hope the dragons just eat everybody and roll The credits

Kem Muckleroy says:

I’m glad you give us these break downs otherwise I’d be so confused most of the time so THANKS!!!!!

The Real Deal says:

The part that spoke the loudest was the part that wasn’t there: Bran Stark. Perhaps because he cannot die. He will be trapped in the past.

megan o'donnell says:

i love your videos, but please as i always ask, do a vary video!

Mollie Capone says:

I think the quote from Catelyn talking about how she should have accepted and loved Jon is foreshadowing to Sansa’s decision on whether to continue to accept him once she finds out that he is a Targaryen. I think many people are expecting her to turn on him when this happens, but the entire last season just proved that she doesn’t always do what everyone is expecting. She has learned a lot and she knows that they are stronger together.

Adri Me says:

Looks like a fever dream, like Jamie's

Militant Dr. Dolittle says:

It’s a feather of a falcon

Joel Bäckman says:

I think we will see Howland Reed or his children again.

kenbche says:

When I say the statues, I got the same feeling as what the Red Queen said, you are going to die. Any thoughts on why Bran is not part of the Starks team. It seems like either he will survive or more of that he is irrelevant to the Starks team since he is now at different mental level.

ryan bowman says:

I like the drawing of the swords, feeling the frost nipping at their backs! Winter is here!

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