Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale “The Dragon and The Wolf” Review

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Collider Thrones Talk is here to discuss and review the season finale of Season 7 of Game of Thrones. Join host Ken Napzok and his roundtable of experts: Rachel Cushing, John Rocha, and Dennis Tzeng as they discuss the many twists and turns in the HBO series.

Join us on #ThronesTalk each week as we recap and review each episode in-depth, right here on Collider.

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Murph88 says:

There is no valonqar prophecy in the t.v show, the idea nor the word has been mentioned in the t.v series.

Johnny Skinwalker says:

Cersei always think she is more clever than she is like her father said. Like Jaime said who cares about the fight between Kingdoms, the Death are coming. BTW Tyrion stuck a deal with Cersei, I think.

#DFined says:

"Ok, Bran …"

boopiloopi says:

spoilers for game of thrones season 7.
at times i got lost. like when the army was outside the castle and jamie on the wall then the capital with the blown gladiator/dragon arena thing,
i don´t know maby i was busy with something and missed a small parts. but i think it is because they arrive so fast, feels weird.

yellow vs blue stars? with the fire i mean, cold or hot flames? ice or fire? plasma?

cersei still seemed impressed by the dragons but able to contain it.

sansa was good in this and arya got another big kill under her belt which was so satisfying. she used that valyrian dagger right? sansa will probably get winterfel and john could be king.

even jamie left, who can she trust now… the mountain? tyrion could be that prophecy but perhaps it´s jamie.

wasn't it just jons back & butt in that family scene?

didn't dani say that she couldn't have children? then jon becomes the only one to carry the blood line forward, she wouldn't kill him but perahaps make him king? or have him
or one of his children inherit the power, if she survives.

could a targaryen have been a first man? if the knight king is a targaryen.

after they win against the night king they´re gonna immediately start fighting each other. chaos, that´s my guess.

why did they do shorter seasons? less money or preparing us for movies that will leave alot out? i missed the meeting. loosing the inbetween parts hurt a little i think.
good season nonetheless :).

spoilers for star wars force awakens
leia just touching chewies arm as they pass would have been enough.

love the shows.

Goddy Win says:

The concern in Tyrion's face is because Dany takes Jon's advise more often which isn't good for his position. Also they are romantically involved making it impossible for him to get her ears.

Goddy Win says:

You misinterprete the Valonqar prophecy. It states She will be queen for a while. Then comes another more beautiful to cast her down and take all she holds dear. That was one part of the Prophecy. She then asked about her children where she was told the 3 will die and when her grief is over, the Valonqar will wrap his hands around her 'pale white neck' and shoke the life out of her. That isn't a prophecy of being killed by literal Choking. According to the prophecy the choking will begin when she is done greifing. In the show, when she and Jaime where on the floor map, she explicitly said she was done crying. Right after Tyrion came up with the strategy to surround Cersei and choke her kingdom. The Prophecy of her being cast down is the one where she gets killed because She always says win or die. I believe Euron which is all she has, will betray her. Euron said his dream is to marry the most beautiful woman in the world. That isn't Cersei. So you guys are misinterpreting the Valonqar prophecy to mean her little brother will kill her.

Goddy Win says:

When Jon received a letter from Cersei to come to kingslanding and bend the knee, his response was, Fuck you. When Danny sent a letter to her to come to Dragon Stone, he was like 3 Dragons? That will be useful. Then when he received the news from Sam that Dragon stone is the place to be, Jon had one mission, go meet Dany and convince her to join the north in the battle against the night king. By the end of the Season, who actually fulfilled their mission? Jon. He got what he set out for and sealed it by using Cersei's declearation of Stark Trustworthiness. Dany gave up her quest for the Throne and is about to march her entire army against an enemy they have never faced in a weather they have never fought in. Jon played the best game of the season. Jon has seduced Dany into a war she shouldn''t fight yet. She should play the Cersei card, order you army to plunder Westeros and move all the food and slaves they can gather to Dragon stone. When winter ends, they can march against the dead by then she would have a better understanding of the enemy.Instead Jon has her wrapped in his ginger and would loose more than half her army.

Goddy Win says:

With the Wall down, what is the formation of the Night king? Cersei's plot to fight only the enemy she knows is based on the idea that the Night King will war progressively, one battle at a time. BUt she doesn't know that the Walkers actually work in various Units. With the Wall down, Walkers can pop up anywhere.

Goddy Win says:

Cersei not moving when a fire breathing Dragon came to a meeting where everyone is at edge because anything can go wrong is actually stupid not powerful. Remember everyone at that meeting are not Targarian. Dany could have set them all on fire. BUt then only in Game of throne does Kim Jung Un arrive at the UN with a nuclear armed Stealth fighter when all the leaders of the world are armed with matchets and they stay calm. Cersei is stupid not to be alarmed and offended by that enterance. But I guess it is a kind of way to show that she is dead and really doesn't care.

G14able says:

Cercie is not fighting for her family nor for the lanisters. She is a confused woman who made all the wrong decisions and got all her children killed by her stupidity. While trying to kill her own brother she forgot her daughter is in dawn and could be killed in retribution. She should have pulled the Mountain out of the trail by combat and maybe save her daughter . Her jealousy and ego led her to empower religious fanatics to inprison the Queen who makes her son happy. What should please a mother? her son's happiness or her selfish desire. Then she Murdered the queen in an act of terror and then proclaimed herself queen which she has no claim to. She is evil and she serves her stupidity. She hides behind walls while others go out to die in her stupid wars.She is fighting for nothing. Her actions killed all her kids.

Paul Schumaker says:

This is the All Star squad of GOT!

Jeff King says:

Take a drink every time Dennis starts a sentence with "Yeah"

Ladee Relli says:

Nice to hear good commentary when a lot of others have been complaining so much about this season.

Movie Expert says:

game of thrones 7 for on this link

Paul Price says:

Thanks soooo much for adding Rachel to this show. Great decision. I could listen to her talk thrones for hours. She accurately recalls book and show info at will. All 4 compliment soo well. Please keep this team together for the last season. Find some more triumphant intro music is my only suggestion. Be awesome to get the actual theme song permission.

Tekken20 Iron Film says:

Jon Snow is one of the dumbest slowest fool ever written for cinema. Leaders like him, Rob and Ned will always get their followers killed. He even got a dragon killed and tried hard to stall EVERYBODY on the other dragon so they could die too. These screen writers must want us to hate Jon. So dumb it's breaking suspense of disbelief. Season 8 will have him breaking the 4th wall or licking the camera.

cfswarley says:

God I thought we were gonna lose Jamie for a sec there

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