Game of Thrones: Season 6 Finale – Review

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Game of Thrones season 6 just came to an end, and blew out minds with the best finale of the series yet. Here are my thoughts on the Game Of Thrones: Season 6 finale!

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Supermagnificence says:

Even after all this time it REALLY annoys me how he calls the Sept "The Red Keep" UUUGH.

wikisaiyangmail says:

why is Jaime not next in line of succession to become king after tommens death?

havok6280 says:

Thoughts on season 7?

Eyal Kontorovich says:

Did he just call the Sept of baelor the red keep?

Derek Furst says:

I think you should start watching these twice before making reviews. You're missing a lot of details and getting facts wrong, which is fine and all but I worry it hurts your experience with the show.

It wasn't the tullys. They lost their castle (riverrun) to the freys again. The knights of the vale came to help.
It wasn't the red keep, it was the sept of baelor. It sits atop vysenia's hill and its where ned stark met his end.

Javier Lopez says:

I'm sure that Rickon would've died anyway. Ramsay usrd to hunt in forests full of trees, rivers and hills so zig-zagging would've made it ten times more exciting for Ramsay

Jack Quantrell says:

The Sept of Baelor, Jeremy, the Sept of Baelor…

中文字幕 says:

It's the Arryns, not the Tullys

Krystal Schrand says:

Jeremy. It was the Sept of Balor that blew up. Not the Red Keep.

InfiniteGamingZx says:

Holy shit the last two episodes of s6 are better than most movies I’ve seen , it truly is one of the best TV shows ever made

T P says:

Now this season 7 had so much potential… Like Jeremy said, Cercei without her kids grounding her, is DANGEROUS!!! … And Dany with all her dragons seems mellow… And Arya back with Bran! Come on!!! One, an assassin and the other, with knowledge of the whole fricking kingdom!! They could have ended with Arya ready with her needle in Cercei's bedroom and Tyrion struck trying to choose between the two!! Come on! Please! Do something good this coming season!

T P says:

Ramsey and Joffery didn't die horribly enough

Bryan Cox says:

Season 1- Awesometacular
Season 2- Blu ray
Season 3- Awesometacular
Season 4- Awesometacular
Season 5- Blu ray
Season 6- Awesometacular

John Ibarra says:

There is one word to describe Cersei. And that is savage.

Rectus Rectumius says:

That's the Sept, not the keep, the keep is where the queen and king live. The sept is like a church.

phoenix mcauley says:


Progamerz Dan says:

Damn what a good season ? probably my favourite yet. Not seen 7 yet but starting it now

parris arnold says:

Loooool im crying at your look on cersi when u said good for her and i was like yes revenge is sweet

bladske says:

This wasn't the best season. Lots of action near the end but very little else.

Then S7 happenend and turned S6 into a masterpiece by comparison.

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