Fred Astaire Cuts Loose: 1970 Oscars

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Fred Astaire and Bob Hope present the Academy Awards for Documentary Feature to Bernard Chevry for Arthur Rubinstein – The Love of Life, and for Documentary Short Subject to Denis Sanders and Robert M. Fresco for Czechoslovakia 1968 at the 42nd Academy Awards. Orchestra conducted by Elmer Bernstein.

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marysimon says:

WOW – always loved Fred Astair. That was great!

unclesamtookmymoney Sam says:

What’s four inches long and smells like ginger? Fred Astaire’s dick. Thank you. I’m here all week.

south bend says:

He's around 71 years old here . . .

Brad Hampton says:

How…. how… HOW DID HE DO THAT?!?! He was WEIGHTLESS!!!
And that is why you and I will never be as cool as a 70-year-old Fred Astaire.

plspriska says:

Love it. When actors were actually talented.

Jonathan Seagull says:

What's the title of this song?

Armani Akeem says:

Get it Fred!!!! Legend sho nuff!!!

HW2800 says:

These were the good old days where it was straight awards and entertainment!

Lisa Coppoletta says:

man can dance like no one ever could!!!

Mario Marcelo Zalewski says:

" Alles Zion Jüdisch gesteuert "

Anete Nety says:

Amo esse homem

Phedra Posch says:

For a 71 year old, he was awesome!!! Always loved his dancing.

timmo491 says:

Magnificent. You cant buy style!

Debby S says:

I miss men like this in hollywood. Not many left like them.

2dasimmons says:

The people back then were so gracious! The Rubinstein man was just sweet and wonderful. Even Fred Astaire up there dancing with Bob Hope going him a break to catch his breath. Wow. Today they would've shot him or hoped for a heart attack. YIKES. 2018.

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