Forrest Gump Casserole – Movie Recipes

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We show you how to make a casserole that tastes exactly like the movie Forrest Gump. Don’t ever make this, though. And if you do, for the love of god, don’t eat it.

What twist would you add to this recipe to make it taste even more like the movie? What movie would you like to see us create a recipe for?

New sins video tomorrow!

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Fairly. Queer. says:

I find it funny that this casserole could literally kill me. I could die from Forrest Gump what a way to go

Madison Green says:

Is a lit cigarette always your garnish?

Mija Moynihan says:

If it tastes exactly like the movie Forrest Gump it should taste great

Storm Trooper says:

Forrest Gump is good

yes please says:

Its like binging with bhabish but on crack

William Downing says:

Your voice and your appearance are completely different

Joshua Grahm says:

your poor oven

thegameking 3000 says:

Do you hate Forest Gump or something

Think Deeply says:

After venturing in to this area of your manifested mindset, I will officially watch anything you post. Gump casserole. . . . Comedy golden brown

cityraildude says:

Do the sins in this movie

Mija Moynihan says:

If it tastes exactly like Forrest Gump it must taste good then

Ngoc Ho says:

Told you that it's a bad recipe.

Emma Chiofolo says:

What about the dr pepper and chocolates?

ugandan knuckles says:

He should of added a box of chocolates Jenny

Justice Spencer says:

never cooked that in Home Ec

Mina says:

You forgot to add a box of chocolates and about fifteen Dr. Peppers.

clikcerticker says:

This has to be one of the only recipes that has all actually edible ingredients.

NQSL Jay says:

1/10 didnt have the chocolates

thot patrol says:

No chocolates

AshleenWoods says:

Holy shit! I had those hand towels on his stove!

Voltikun says:

You are as brave as you are funny.
But you made a great jump forward, when you let an actual chef do the cooking like in the new episodes of this series.

Still – I tip my vitual fedora into your direction.

Adela Estrella says:

Frozen shrimp,paprica,cheese and white rice equals Forrest Gump casserole

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