Fix it in Post Flashback: Episode 2 – Alien Vs Predator (2004) Review

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Alien Vs Predator (2004) Review with Richard Jackson and Duncan Casey.

You can find us on Twitter – Oliver @OllieH82, Richard @its_jacksontime and Duncan @DuncanCasey

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Chris Walker says:

I presume Richard Jackson is behind the most obscene entry for "Eskimo Pie" on Urban Dictionary then.

Chris Walker says:

????nosaer a rof Peaks niwT fo Red Room eht ni reverse scene eht ekil kool ot tnaem tes siht sI

Robert Meyers says:

You guys are not the shit Redletter Media. You're the refreshing alternative that has fun talking about movies without the homophobic skits, AND with charming British accents to boot. I'd put your videos before theirs every time.

cmcculloch1 says:

Duncan fresh from his modelling photo shoot for Burtons

james Stockdale says:


Rotazd says:

Regarding Paul W Anderson the only thing anyone could give him credit for is his set design, other than that everything stinks of shit and rip off.

Gerryko Malaysia Media Events & Food says:

it was a good film with a progressive black female negress as the lead. long live femalelism

Paul Mayall says:

Nice lads, keep these coming.

Tony Horner says:

Spot on – AVP is a steaming pile of donkey doo's. 1/10!

Robert Zimmermann says:

Really nice, I like the idea for FIIPs nostalgic little sibling. But for someone who has listened to your AVP commentary it's a little redundant on Richard's side. This show would be even better if you discussed films which you haven't already covered with a commentary. But that's just a thought. Keep up the good work!

MrHEC381991 says:

lol I'll stick to Freddy vs Jason thanks

Nathan Crowther says:

Duncan is right: AvP and T3 were the start of those 90s sequel ideas that had been in development hell for SO LONG that we gave up thinking they would ever happen. Eg, Die Hard 4, Rambo 4, Indy 4, Predators, Prometheus, Mad Max 4, Blade Runner 2049, ID4-R and all of MCU.

daveruda says:

The games were better than the movies.

Fraser Rees says:

Really enjoying these flashback videos

Ben Aussie says:

Requim was better but just too dark as in badly lit..
I must admit i block out the human elements to the story, thats utter horsehit lol
Wolf is the best on screen predator

All Hail Chael says:

What is the music at the end, I know it's from an 80's film?

All Hail Chael says:

Reference to an obscure Prodigy tune (Ruff in the Jungle Business)…. good man!

GrantSmithBass says:

I saw this in the theatre when released …. it was okay for the most part – the human teaming up with the Predator was not a good direction ( at least in a movie format )

….as it was called ALIEN vs PREDATOR and not ALIEN vs PREDATOR ( with some help from my bestie human )

DrQuagmire1 says:

when Oliver does indeed do his retrospective of "Alien vs. Predator", I hope that he mentions something about "Riddick" filmmaker David Twohy being one of the directors being considered for the directing/screenwriting job (as 20th Century Fox once inquired his availability)

H.D Beird says:

What about; Fix it in Past?

I need scissors!!!!! 61!!!! says:

Love these new videos lads. Keep up the good work 🙂

E Boogie says:

I like AVP. It had a nice storyline, nice lead actress and the action was good. Only 2 problems I had with it. They went for a PG13 movie and they released the best action scene online before the movie came out in theaters

britbloc123 says:

I went to see this POS at the cinema and hated it. A few years later I then went to see AVP2, hoping these spin-off's might redeem themselves………

Sarkazm CZ says:

Love this, keep it up guys

JackassJunior627 says:

Still liked the movie. One of my favs. Guilty as charged.

ApocalypseSometime says:

Is Richard Jackson replacing Oliver Harper

Ross Ross says:

Predator 2 is underrated

preshlock says:

Unbelievable how badly they botched such a simple concept. Aliens, Predator, and Colonial Marines,…the script should just write itself.

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