Fix it in Post: Episode 32 – Ready Player One (2018) Review

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Fix it in Post: Episode 32 – Ready Player One Review recorded at the Centre for Computing History


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VicRules666 says:

You guys are the king of nostalgic bores though.???????

Rodrigo Lanas says:

Action Oliver on the joystick lol

Joey Clemenza says:

The book is a bit masturbatorial…. but there is a story there, and not just a middle aged man listing things.

They’re also obsessed with 80’s culture because they’re chasing this money…

cyberbilge says:

Don’t comment on the book having read a few pages please. The film is a mess and lacked the best beats of the book

Simo says:

Complains about people not wanting to grow up….. while wearing a videogame t shirt…. ?

Nathan Hislop says:

"nostalgic bores"? From a guy wearing a "Contra" shirt?

Kevin Z says:


Michel Vasquez says:

he movie was boring if you ask me…

CoolBoysBackYard says:

Are you guys returning to Birmingham for the comic con in June?

CoolBoysBackYard says:

poor birmingham goes thrill the mill again

virtualee2000 says:

Well, they have Atari in 2049 🙂

Jack Horsley says:

Well yes these 20 year olds are obsessed with "atari and stuff" because the idea is in the film the people that play the game, including Wade profusely study everything, especially popular culture that James Halliday loved…

The Observant Servant says:

thank you for making the right comparison to this movie! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

what I loved in the movie, I REALLY loved. What i did not love i was able to brush off.

something tells me there's a director's cut to this, the intro and ending were rushed, making much of the middle unappealing.

The Shining sequence was great, and let's remember that Spielberg made AI Artificial Intelligence because Kubrick wanted him to. They had an interesting relationship.

My favorite part was how Wade found the first key in the race, it's about recognizing the structure of the race.

To me the Star Wars reference was how Wade's aunt and her boyfriend were killed. That marked the real beginning of his journey.

Nathan Snyder says:

0:06 Honestly Richard's look was my reaction through some parts of the film. Though I was Oliver when I saw the RX-78 Gundam.

While I hated the book, the film was honestly fine. Its better than I thought it was gonna be. Visually gorgeous, good cast, I really liked Halliday as a character and genuinely nice moments (there is that homage in the second puzzle which I thought was a wonderful tribute, no spoilers). Though the only flaws were the writing was kinda odd, the dialogue is really bad, some parts were a bit eye rolling, main character is dull and the acting ranges between good to really bland.

6/10 It was alright. Could have been better, could have been worse.

Timothy Fleming says:

This is honestly a great show guys, I need to watch it more often. Cheers!

80's Nostalgia Guy says:

It was an entertaining movie. However, I think it could have been so much better if the storyline wasn't so linear and predictable.

MrHEC381991 says:

Ready Player One will be popular on YouTube Clips when it comes out on dvd/bluray.

90 Lancaster says:

These are the Turtles you needed in a Videogame Milieu ;

(music is flippin' terrific in this game too)

90 Lancaster says:

No Century 21 stuff and precious little SEGA either (if anything).
A surprising relative lack of cartoon avatars too.

I was mildly amused to see the Colecovision though. I think people will micro-examine this movie once it comes out on a digital print in a higher resolution.

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