Fix it in Post: Episode 15 – Kingsman The Golden Circle Review

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Fix it in Post: Episode 15 – Kingsman 2. Contains SPOILERS at 14:04

Review by Oliver Harper and Richard Jackson.

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imbatman8472 says:

really strange plot in this one, found myself agreeing with the US president.

Krishna Nadoli says:

Glad you mentioned Grimsby comparison, atleaat that was blissfully short

Terry Hurley says:

While I liked the film, slightly more than these guys did, I cant really disagree with much of what they have said. The first one was great fun. Fantastic set pieces , and a kind of joy running throughout the film. And of course, the cast was great fun. This one? It did have some set pieces, that I enjoyed, but the whole film felt sooooo stretched out. Some of it, was actually quite dull, and for me, that is a real crime, when the film is directed by Mathew Vaughan.
I also couldn’t agree more about the use of tech. I guess its a fine line, as to what you can get away with, in a film like this. For instance, I had no problem in the first film, with tiny coloured exploding heads, but in this one, the robotics was just too far over the top (Although, I didn’t have a problem with the robot hand). Some of the CGI looked very “Floaty” as well.
So, I did mostly quite enjoy it, but the first one was far far better. For me, this is easily Vaughan’s worst film, and it pains me to say that, as I am a huge fan of his

TheArtkaw says:

I think "mean-spirited" is the word you're looking for, where the first was at the very least, fun – especially the villains.

Ethan McKinley's Questionable [ EmcQ ] says:

Bruce Greenwood as president means Kingsman 2 is the same universe as the National Treasure movies…..?

Pat Waters' Stop Motion Ways says:

I thought The Golden Circle was average because it was incredibly stupid and bonkers if anything it's like a parody of 007 Die Another Day

yadro says:

wow, first time I disagree with you. I thought It as fanstastic and so funny

Sjaakadelic says:

2017; the year of John Denver's 'Country Roads'.

Kit Bear says:

I enjoyed it, yes there were some cringeworthy elements but it was entertaining. We can pick holes in everything such as, did Merlin HAVE to die? He could have used his tie to bind the trigger of the mine by working it under the mine and tying it or he could have just run with the other two. If if if etc…. Or how did the arm send a signal underwater? Why did they need to hide then expel the rims on the taxi, hell, why put rims on the taxi anyway? How about using a Chubb custodial passlock on the cages of the prisoners in the stadium when Chubb make locks for the UK, Australia and New Zealand etc….(America doesn't use Chubb locks?)

It's a movie guys, I'll be buying it because I like to be entertained when I'm not out working. There is no such thing as a perfect movie, never will be, get over it.

floex831 says:

Going to see Bladerunner Thursday night

KiramidHead says:

I loved the first film, but this didn't work at all for me, especially the horrible relationship drama that kept cropping up. Seriously, it felt like the princess was only in this to appease the whiny crybabies who bitched about the first movie's ending. I was looking forward to seeing how Matthew Vaughan would do a sequel to one of his films, but after watching this I'm kind of glad he didn't do Kick-Ass 2, and especially Days of Future Past.

Kenny Tarr says:

Hi Oliver can you do a retrospective on License to drive and its soundtrack? Thanks also can you do a review retrospective of the Carry On films or the work of Terry-Thomas. Cheers, chap

Paul Dennett says:

I enjoyed the first film, the new one was really disappointing. Flabby, self-indulgent, overly long and not as funny or memorable as the original. I liked the Statesmen, but where the fuck were they when a madman was trying to take over the world in the last movie? They detected the Church shoot out to be able to resurrect Harry with their magic head band, but didn't bother investigating anything or didn't pick anything up with their greater reach and resources? Their existence adds a pretty big plot hole to the franchise.
Some funny moments, some decent action scenes (nothing as good as the church scene from the original), but not really enough to support a 90 minute film, never mind 140 minutes.

talistheintrovert says:

I don't know how you feel about watching other people's reviews, but if you want a perspective on the fingering scene that basically consists of me yelling at a camera, feel free to watch mine. Excellent review guys, top notch.

Thewingkongexchange says:

When's the next commentary then lads?!

teamcream says:

Mr. Harper, any plans to cover the original Planet of the Apes films on the channel? After hearing Mr. Jackson's enthusiasm for them in the War for the Planet of the Apes I review I went back and watched them, having only seen the original and Beneath before. Escape and Conquest really are great films. Battle, not so much, but it's still entertaining. I picked up the 40th anniversary bluray set, which has some nice special features, but sadly no real commentary tracks. There's a commentary track for the first film but it's just cut together interview clips, and only plays over about half the film. A commentary series from you guys would be a real treat, and a good reason to rewatch all the films again.

Dan Liles says:

Loved the first one, this one is a huge disapointment. Doubled down on all the worst aspects of the original. Everything I enjoyed about the first one was missing. It seemed like a gruby version of a Spy Kids Movie.

Hexus13th says:

i'll never understand this cultural rejection of adolescent aimed sexuality. It seems like this weird non-religious neo prudishness.

Movie Meals says:

Loved your review guys! Keep up the great work, if you're interested in checking our review out over at Movie Meals, that would e pretty cool! Here's a link:

I understand if not, sorry for the plug! In all reality, great work and we love what you guys do!

RunningZguy says:

I didn't really have much expectations for this. I just wanted a fun and dumb spy action flick with some charming british characters doing thier thing and that's what I got. I was pretty satified.

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