*FIRST LOOK* The Suicide Squad (2021) OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER – DC Fandom 2020 Sneak Peek

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Hello everyone, here is your first look at the official the second The Suicide Squad (2021) Teaser Trailer revealed at DC Fandom 2020. Are you excited for this James Gunn movie? Sound off with your thoughts down below!
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SuperheroBuzz says:

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killinglight67 says:

Deathstroke better be in this movie

Andrew Fanai says:

They said John Cena is gonna be in this movie….but where is he? I can't see him

B I G B R U H says:

At 1:38 it looks like king shark eats rat catcher

Shane Coffey says:

Is gunn a Pedro?

Dark fey says:

So….polka dot man?

Gus MG says:

All just hype. Does not look promising.

Logan Otero says:

Did we not learn our lesson with the first one?

Alex Thrum says:

After the solo Harley Quinn movie flopped I think they should put her in the back seat let the others take over

Kenchiro Kenchiro says:

is this a sequel or a reelboot or is this stup8d?

Ch Kartik says:

This looks so unfinished product .they shouldn't be dropped it 🤔

Jason Randall says:

Yo is there an actual trailer yet, or just this sneak peek crap?

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