Ferngully 2: The Magical Rescue – Nostalgia Critic

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The Nostalgia Critic reviews the Ferngully sequel, Ferngully 2 – The Magical Rescue.

Originally aired on 1/11/2011.

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Clare Gundersen says:

16:26 How not to voice act

Brian Fuller says:

I watched Ferngullies 1 and 2 with my daughter who liked both..

Makeda Cox says:

No way in hell that is a fucking Australian accent

source: a real Australian

Thomas Pastor says:

Technically, you could argue that Ferngully was magical, and the it"s destruction made the fairies lose a lot of their power.

Ann_Islander's_Words says:

Interestingly I loved this movie as a kid and I never watched the first one.

dark lord of sword says:

Still sad Doug didn't call the big chined poacher "Diet McLeach" (the poacher from Rescuers Downunder).

Gli AQuadro says:

Simply love you critic, love you so fucking much :3 I'm Sorry that nostalgia chick didn't review this movie with you by the way :c

The.Stupicide. says:

anyone else get a "Zelda Animated Series Link" vibe from Pips?

paulfor08 says:

From the perspective of forest dwellers, humans ARE 2 dimensional unsympathetic villains. We clear cut, burn, poach, and pollute their homes. Even hikers and campers are disruptive. Why would the forest dwellers see humans as anything but evil? What opportunity do they have to see anything good come from human action?

Rory Glynn says:

I swear, the lyric from the fruit commercial at 1:56 sounds like "lots of fruity marshmallow shit".

PKMN Trainer Mark says:

Nice pantomime.

Marlin Johnson says:

I could never force myself to watch the sequel even after all these years. Ferngully is too sacred to me to tarnish.

robert white says:

Boys. We just found some action
Me: (If you're reading this, I am obviously dead from laughter)

Clayton says:

Ummm,wait…what happened to the rest of "Sequel Month"?

ai i says:

There was a sequel?! I never heard of it! ?

Jack Hughes says:

Nobody dislike this video so we can keep it at 69

cheezemonkeyeater says:

This movie contains 100% less Tim Curry and that makes it 100% less fun.  And it was only 10% fun to begin with.

SeeMyEvil says:

her talking about not wasting magic is just stupid to me that like me saying I don't want to wast the enery by getting off my ass to take a shit

Lady Butterfly says:


klimmr3021 says:

17:02 GODDAMMIT! That's not the ending either.

klimmr3021 says:

14:2814:34 One of Trump's tweets. 14:3614:42 What he's really thinking.

klimmr3021 says:

12:0312:11 So, they've turned into the Teen Titans Go.

ajmrowland says:

I didn't know this review was a thing.

Sideshow Mo says:

lets hope Avatar 2 does better :p

Kevon Daye says:

"Completely unreasonable insurance"

*puts on helmet with general's stars.

The General is born.

Kevon Daye says:

Wait, there was a sequel?

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