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FATHER FIGURES MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted Review – Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, Terry Bradshaw and Katt Williams star in this comedy as the Double Toasted podcast spend some time in this movie review as well as giving you a reaction to the movie trailer, as well as the “jokes” that this movie goes for in this funny video!

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The Sunday Service – 12-24-17

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grkpektis says:

I pirated this movie just to see that ending and holy fuck no joke it's even worse than it sounds.

Young Knight says:

That fucking ending

Simon Sykes says:

This review is literally about to determine if I watch this movie! I love Owen Wilson but this does look like dog shit! 🙂 .. I still havent watched Marly & Me 🙂

Rollercoaster Rider says:

26:02 Greatest Double Toasted Present of all time.

Teets says:

I saw it and actually really enjoyed it. I'd actually rank this as better than the neelw Jumanji.

Rico Millz says:

Their real mom was a junkie named Jenny (Forest Gump reference)

BoomStick Critique says:

This movie prolly sucks but I find it weird you guys would be upset at a dirty joke in real life sense you guys have been making dirty jokes about women for a decade since Spill.Just feels weird

Andy Kerrigan says:

God I loved bad posters.

TimeMakerMan says:

I said "What!" The same time Grits and Martin said it!!!

SoulBroRyu says:

25:14 – Greatest twist of the year! Thank you for those spoilers, Korey, that shit made my day!

Chad Guiry says:

i'm here bc some guy in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Making of Nostalgia Critic had on your shirt …. you nerds are funny

tiffanys right says:

Hold the fuck up… I thought
Vinge Raimes was dead

vedio killed the radio star. says:

my uncle used to give the jellyfish back in the day.

Raymond Reviews says:

Martin’s face when he finds out what Kat Williams is made this review.

msevilducky71 says:

The look on Martin's face when spoiling Katt Williams character's ending….Priceless.

The Last Targaryen says:

martin's face at the end LOL

mountnstream says:

Has someone made an entry to Urban Dictionary for the act "Jellyfish" yet?

"Jellyfish: The act of pissing on a minor."

John Notstamos says:


baroquejen says:

This movie poster looks like what they show at the beginning of the tribute to people who died during the year at the Oscars.

creolejoy. says:

That was perfect at 26:03

Unboxing Deutschland says:

Cooles Video gefällt uns, mach weiter so ? Schau doch auch mal bei uns vorbei würden uns freuen. Ein like hast du sicher von uns ?

Poet WP says:

Man gerts joke about Kat Williams was coollldd blooodeed. Kat Williams wound up doing time over that bull shit video. It was a damn shame if you ask me. That man has brought tons of laughter and joy to millions of people. I wish they would they would leave him alone let him live his life in peace. Doesn’t he deserve at least that much. I mean we all do.

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