FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Teaser Trailer 2 (2020)

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Second teaser for Fast And Furious 9 starring Vin Diesel


Seven Media says:

Proof Han never died:

tharif tharif says:

Comment see kareka like karega

Ninja Master says:

I've seen many ridiculous scenes in all fast and furious series. But bungee jumping with a car? Bollywood are nervously smoking aside.

Abdullah Orhan says:

9. Filme gelicek türkleri gorebilirmiyim

Official Mr MAGAJI says:

Fast and furious film
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Smurves says:

Fast 10: Hulk Hogan is Doms father, and Vince Mcmahon is Doms grandfather.

xLoRD-_- Channel says:

Fast and furious 10

The Undertaker : stepped out from a car
Letty : Dom who is he ?
Dom : he is my father …

Asterix says:

First episodes were really good and i've enjoyed it. Now, it lost any point, every episode is the same, good guys vs bad guys. Racing? Cars? Im sad but im affraid that this should be an end

Arian Muaremi says:

Did I just watch the whole movie.

Emma Cate Official Australia says:


John73 says:

Botox Hollywood what a joke.

gektor ps says:

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H R says:

die heart waiting for this

Kelly Eaves says:

I feel as if nobody asked for this😂

Gio Pyrgos says:

I can see the new villain

Joe Buck says:

Yes the early ones were a lot better, yes the franchise is no longer about street racing and cars and is now all about over the top car chases, fights and unrealistic scenes. But am I still gong to watch it and enjoy it? Yes

Joe Aird says:

Welp. That was the movie. See you in about 3 years.

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