FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Official Trailer Teaser (2020) Vin Diesel Movie

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FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Official Trailer Movie in theatre 31 January 2020.

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Megabyte2k4 says:

Did everyone in the comments section spontaneously forget that this was announced to be a 10 or 11 movie anthology like back during Fast 5 or Fast & Furious (F&F4)? The comments section is filled with commenters reacting like they didn't know they were gonna make another one. It's not because of '…of course they are…gotta milk this franchise! *rolls eyes*' as much as it's, 'We told you we were making about 10 or so of these…what did you expect? o.O?' Seriously people…

TL Lewis says:

Hollywood should just link this franchise with Marvel so I can enjoy them both simultaneously. 😂🤣

gibbs615 says:

First Brian became a father now Dom has too, so now he can worry about his OWN SON having a charger for a car! lol

Calvin Woolfolk says:

So if they bringing back Brian in f9 it gonna be two Brians right lol

Keshaun Lawrence says:

Me: tF
Future me: all hail netDiesel

Oscarin LopezRodriguez says:

La verdad dijan las personas que no la van haber si la van haber me encanta Rapido Y Furiosos aqui sigo Esperando El Estreno desde tijuana saludos a todos

Saxa Rue Pru says:

Seems like when Paul Walker died, little by little FF is becoming a trash. No offense meant. But its true. I mean i love the characters i love FF before, but now? I cant connect.

fabio pereira says:

fast and furious: Dont even remember what we doin anymore speed

Southern White Boy says:

Can't Wait!


A trailer for the trailer. Nice.

Puny Stitch says:

Screen went black*

Wilfredo Otero-Rossi says:

Aliens this time is aliens! They already fought everybody else on earth.

Jonathan Mulondo says:

They might as well crossover with Godzilla or TRANSFORMERS

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