FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Official Trailer (2020)

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FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Official Trailer (2020) F9, Vin Diesel Action Movie HD
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ONE Media says:

He's back !!! 😍

Jordan Santiago says:

Cant wait this movie

ammar Adam says:

The police is brian or brother dom

All Around Mom says:

Are we not gonna talk about how they dont have their seatbelts on?

Nadir Tahtahi says:

Let me guess fast and furious 10 jacob (john sena ) joins there team

Kelly Allen says:

If movie theaters ever open back up i will go see it!

Chelsy Vmpr edits says:

Every time I watch this trailer it just reminds me of Paul being gone and vin diesel is back with another amazing fast and furious movie who else is a faf fan?

Eaqzn says:

This movie ain’t the same anymore, since Paul walker died this movie has died Rip Paul walker you will be in our hearts and will be missed 🕊😣

Spencer Reviews and vlogs says:

“You can’t see me” that’s all I could think about

cheryl yazzie says:

Caant waait too watch😍

Zeeeuuus 07 says:

Crazy how they went from street racers boosting electronics to becoming special oops with amazing hand to hand combat!

1R1chm0nd Tuazon says:

i wish brian was still alive 🥺

Esteban Monge says:


S O N N Y says:

No disrespect but they should just call the franchise ( return of the loving dead )
A lot of dead characters died but somehow they came back to life
Now bring back Gisele ( wonder woman ) or let me guess. She will be in fast 10. With. Jesse. & leon & everyone from all the fast movies. 1. Thru 8

Jocelyn Pettersen says:

physics my not exist in this movie but damn i still love these movies

Buci Bulanosul says:

Is that a gta v lobby?

Brian Chenjerai says:

Will anyone in this movie stay dead??

Angie Jesus says:

is this REAL?!


Release in 2021. Look on IMDb

ჭიპუნა 2 says:

Movie moments in ,,Georgia" ❤️🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

M.R BOOM says:

Where is Bryan

Aisha Diallo says:

Ok but can we talk about Mia and letty🥰👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Jonathan kelly says:

In my opinion I think they should have stopped at 7. But I will still watch them all

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