FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Official Trailer (2020) Vin Diesel, John Cena Movie HD

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FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Official Trailer (2020) Vin Diesel, John Cena Movie HD

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No matter how fast you are, no one outruns their past.

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Go Figure! says:

The Hobbs & Shaw one was like G. I. Joe.
This one's like the love child of Transformers and Dragonball–where no one is truly dead. Unless they die in real life. #RIPPaul

Soaib Bin Awal says:

"Armoured truck is flipped and gonna fall on Dom"

Dom: Casually turns slightly without a care so it misses with a hairpin difference

NAL Lopez says:

John Cena’s character in the film is gonna turn baby face and be part of the ‘family’.

DRG Basool says:

Feels like I just watched the entire movie.. They showed almost everything it's almost spoiled

Manoj Baruah says:

Sena say you can't see me

1More De More says:

is it walt disney anymore ?

Ronin Editor says:

What's the over/under on how many times they say "family" in this? 25 times at least?

zendayacoleman says:

spiderman : i can swing on buildings
wonder woman : i can swing on lightning
dominic teretto : hold my beer

Dread Booch says:

That was a good movie. Id watch it again

twizzle Spellman says:

Started as a racing movie.
Now these mfs dun turned into twisted metal.

Deepak Singh says:

Miss you Paul Walker the brain of the fast and furious 😔☹️☹️😞😞😞😞😟😔

Sunflower Sun says:

Han and his big Entrance …. ”Eating” 😂😂

Hazreti Glaz says:


Actually nobody:

Han: respawns with shorter hair

Miguel Payan says:

Hans lives baby! Hans lives

Eliot Spencer says:

I thought Charlize Theron was Dom’s other trans-brother for a second – the 90’s called and wants their haircut back!

Fasee Insari says:

My Favorite Movie👌

Cory Phieffer says:

Yo these mother fuckers just don’t stop they fucked up the whole fast and the furious a long time ago shit let it go

Kerem Tuna says:

Gedo Rinne Tensei No Jutsu. Han is like Kakashi he can come back but Brian is like Jiraiya sensei. He can't come back.

J'onn O'Ryan says:

I'll still watch this but it's getting ridiculous now it's not even fast and furious anymore

AgentChico says:

They basically showed the whole movie in this trailer. Impressive.

Yamani Bryant-McCray says:

Wow I'm flabbergasted wow

Hien Nguyen says:

F10 John Cena character helps dom to find his lost daughter who got kidnapped by a rich Dubai CIA top most wanted who owns a spaceship…..

Alfredo Sanchez says:

I wasn't hyped for this movie until i saw Han

Ashton Brown says:

Son..we literally saw Han blow up in a will they explain his return smh..still gonna watch it tho

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