Everything Wrong With Zootopia In 9 Minutes Or Less

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Disney Animation keeps churning out solid films lately that, while enjoyed by critics and audiences alike, still have sins. Zootopia is the latest to have its sins counted, but it won’t be the last.

Next week: Early Michael Bay & a non-Deadpool 2016 movie.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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Alexander87 Plays says:

Ummm its not 9 minutes or less is actually more than 9 minutes but its oke

pancake-san dreams says:

The whole movie is a sin

Martell Stewart says:

he is coking drugs

Brook Hall says:

I was expecting the sin to say 5 years in the furpit

Beans On Butter says:

2:01 All of Judy Hopps 275 brothers and sisters look exactly the same as when they did after the play , the only rabbit's appearance in the family that changed was Judy's , taller , adult voice , kind of , you know , the usual

Beans On Butter says:

0:35 They're put in cardboard boxes so they can change into their normal day clothes to look like they're , adults , I'm guessing , for the Zootopia part but there's no clothing below the boxes , so they can't change , this scene bullshit is some bullshit!

Game Efficient says:

9:15 really, a "Say Anything" reference, that movie came out in the 80's

John Frisch says:

Bro I frikin love this movie

Bruce Vince Burdeos says:

If you listen closely, you can hear judy say "fear" at the intro

CinnaBlaze says:

The actual sin here is that Hopps records this IN VERTICAL.

Kcpandarocker says:

"Why are popsicles for animals human sized?"
Um, I'm not sure you really thought about that did you.

Misty The Collie says:

End my life I uploaded a video on the wrong channel

Jon Clawson says:

Maybe I would of like this video if you wouldn't have cussed! ??

Hoa Sam says:

This movie is the stupidest things I ever seen?????

Mack Dorran says:

the add that played before this video on my pc was called: great movies for kids FUNNY GARDEN OF KIDS… not the SLIGHTEST bit creepy at all!

11BlueKing11 says:

this movie made like a lot furries….

DontAskMeAlex says:

Oh…Meaty ribcage

Andrew 1010 says:

Why hasnt he done a Cinemasins for Fantastic Mr.Fox?

Orange Rabbit says:

I guess if they let a giraffe play intramural sports at Montana State, I will just pack my bags. I'd get stuffed in intramural football.

djay4487 deved says:

what would the adolf hitler of zootopia be? would he be a lion named adolf roar?
i dont fucking know

Evan ROBLOX says:

They live in Hawaii

Benjamin Lafever says:

lol 2:32 "Blubber chef" no they did not

DerpyKid62 Gaming!!! says:

Holy crap only 78??? Dang that’s low for this channel.

Echoingdolphin says:

3:50 The popsicle is for an elephant, that's why it's big

Echoingdolphin says:

3:15 That's the whole point of the movie, so, uh, not a sin lol

Isaiah Mccray says:

Lol xd 8:048:08 baaaaaad

Adam Pezzutti says:

I can’t believe you didn’t sin the fact that Judy is using a phone with a carrot as an apple symbol

Brett Gottlieb says:

did anyone else notice that two of the young elephants look like elsa and anna from frozen here look #2:26

Boring Person says:

One sin for the movie ending in a dance sequence

Хуйй Эвд says:

3:50 i believe popsicle is elephant size

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