Everything Wrong With War For The Planet Of The Apes

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War for the Planet of the Apes was one of 2017’s best action films, despite there being as much scenery & talking as there was action… maybe even more. But hey, even a planet of apes has sins. Therefore…

Thursday: Holiday sequel sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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Andy P says:

6:55, straight razor dumbass, not a knife.

RobloxGAYmerboi says:

This movie made me cry alot.

Kieron Van-Beck says:

I love these films. So I know ima get salty watching this ?

Prince Aaron Nicholson says:

Haha. For real. Funny

PaddySnuffles says:

Not all apes have tear ducts, but one kind does: humans. Why does everyone always forget that we're apes too?
And if you count sobbing as crying, gorillas cry as well, as witnessed by Koko's caretakers when her kitten got sick and died.

Ronnikow says:

you missed something !!! when the anti air missels of the base fire , they dont dissapear on the rocket launcher !!! Kinda magic

NG Caleb says:

8:24 the colonel will build a wall and he'll make the apes pay for that wall

Edrian Chin says:

If you're so good pls make your own and let us judge

Miriam Khan says:

Can someone explain how the chimps got horses?

MP Dope says:

I haye you bitching always

DUD3GUY says:

You forgot to sin the part at the end when Andy Serkis dies with his hand on his crotch.

Alyssa Albuquerque says:

7:10 nice voice dude.

Alyssa Albuquerque says:

Everything wrong with Happy Death Day?

Vexar says:

I gave this a shot but it wasn't entertaining or funny.


Discount stone cold Steve Austin?

treyblowski says:

Honestly all that was missing was a post credits scene of a shuttle crashing into a lake

Dino blu says:

I think this movie was cool, but it had a terrible story.

Ashley Fuentes says:

I loved this movie i cried like 87 different times through out it

King Darnoc says:

His base was behind a water fall inside a huge cave system which was hidden as they had to drop down from about. The dirt was sand showing a desert

actingislife100 says:

“Whose making these decisions? The director or Harrelson?” It’s funny cause Harrleson made these decisions.

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