Everything Wrong With The Nut Job In 11 Minutes Or Less

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Apparently this short-ass movie that is terrible made enough money that The Nut Job 2 is hitting theaters soon. Un-freakin’-believable. This is a train wreck, and we’ve got the sins to prove it!

Next week: Something 2017 action, & something 2017 action.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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Lamine123564 says:

6:59… I actually laughed

the amazing mary is awsome says:

The thing that makes me mad is that while the bad guys are digging to get under the bank that that they didn't run into one basement ?

Natan titelbaum says:

what is euphemism?

Nora Lineberger says:

Honestly this video is more interesting than that movie

Sadly Not Jmak says:

All the animals are so badly animated, badly voiced, and badly done. This movie is just… bleh.

DioGames T says:

"I originally wrote a sin here where I simply described what just happened on screen… but even that sounded too dirty… even for us." A man stuffs nuts in a little girl's mouth. Oh my god, it sounds like rape.

Shyuuj _ says:


world destroyer says:

u forgot one sin in the nut cellar that mine they made just happened to not run into any pipes or sewers. ding 2 sins

Khaz says:

Oh man, they dragged Liam Neeson into this, didn't they?

Armitage Hux says:

The title of the song is a sin itself

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