Everything Wrong With The Jungle Book In 10 Minutes Or Less

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With the new live-action Jungle Book hitting theaters, we decided to go back to the original animated Disney version. Guess what? It has sins! I bet you’re really surprised.

Thursday: Cage sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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Barello Smith says:

Isn't "bare necessities" a pun too?

Holly Jackson says:

Deforestation I died at that bit ???

S.A.M Unknown says:

Fun fact the original ending had mowgli make it to the village but the villagers wouldnt accept him so he left and came back with a gang of other animals and they killed all of the villagers.

Gabriel Ullman says:

About the whole tiger vs. bear deal, I think it’s been both verbally and geographically confirmed that Shere Khan is a Bengal Tiger but Baloo is most likely either a Sloth Bear or an Asian Black Bear. In either of these cases Shere Khan weighs about 50% more than Baloo and is basically pure muscle so in that case he wins easily.

However, the original book gives Baloo the title of ”lazy brown bear” and if that is indeed his species (despite being a continent or two away from where he would actually live) the weight-situation is suddenly reversed. But then we need to consider what tools the two of them have at their disposal and that’s pretty hard to decide since brown bears, while their jaws and claws are extremely dangerous, they are made to stock up fat reserves, not to actually hunt or fight whereas a tiger is practically born to rip, tear and maim. A brown bear could potentially win on size alone but I’d sooner put my money on the tiger.

However, if Baloo were a Grizzly or a Polar Bear, he might have a real advantage seeing as a Grizzly could grind a bowling ball to dust with its jaws and polar bears are regarded by some as the ultimate predators because of their well-rounded physiques.
That’s a pretty big IF though so I’d say Shere Khan would fuck and burn Baloo’s world to everlasting misery.

The Last Bookie says:

I'm pretty sure Disney watched this video before making the remake.

michael bagan says:

India has rainy seasons called monsunes i know this because I had to learn it for school which means he is 10 years old idiot the more you know

the gamer says:

At 2:53 it looks like that sean in the bad zelda game where link say oh it sure is boring around here

mohammed ali says:

literally ever characters name is an extremely terrible pronunciation of a Hindi/Urdu word

Wade Jordan says:

so they use guns and torches

Ignacio Espel Rodriguez says:

you're damn right jeremy , i once saw a bear fight a tiger , and the bear straight up mauled that tiger to death , the tiger tryed to defeat the bear by swiping , but the bear bashed the tiger into the floor and proceeded to beat him to death

Mashed Up says:

8:20 how about bare / "bear" necessities???

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