Everything Wrong With The Jungle Book (2016)

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Jungle Book, Jungle Book, does whatever a Jungle Book does… which is sort of the problem… Whatever, here are the sins of the live-action 2016 Jungle Book that very many people loved.


Next week: Another 2016 film.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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GOOP 999 says:

The little wolf things are mongooses

Marcello Mercuri says:

The “unrealistic” things you mention are pretty accurate to what was in the book. It’s cool they tried to include the stampede.

Sollux Captor says:

Idr the movies but ik the Witcher 2 has letho use the bad guy knows the back story thing

Dane Ross says:

home alone jungle edition lol

MommyBunny2 says:

Actually, honey is nature's Neosporin. (Even in ancient Egypt they knew that it had naturally disinfecting properties that have been reproven in this day and age.)

Splatter Paint says:

Hades from Hercules?

mia barrett says:

Things i didnt hear u mention that irritate me about this film.
The tigger goes to the villiage to kill the father nobody should of then taken mogley from the villiage just to return him. Also how friggin safe can the villiage be when hes already been preasent to the eating of his father.

The Canine Nutritionist says:

Actually, honey is great for wounds.

Redwing 06 says:

There was a boy raise by wolves in America so is possible

Emaad Ahmad says:

oh and acorrding to indian gods one of them are a elephant/human figure

Smell my Finger says:

The worst part about this movie was the child actor, actually the worst.

The Dark Eye says:

The cobra was made wrong, the left skin thingy is always bigger than the other one, or was it the rigth one

Gabriel Chmielewski says:

This scene reminds me of Smaug talking to Bilbo in "The Desolation of Smaug".
Just felt life sharing that.

Miles11we says:

When you let your hair get greasy by not washing it, it won't dread/tangle up. It needs to be clean

Conspiracy Theorist says:

The CGI in this movie is incredible that's no sin.

Solwfomon says:

1:58 that's not a bald eagle, its a bramany kite. So what , I'm a bird nerd

Hannah King says:

Has anyone else seen Dances with Wolves?

McX UL says:

Kung Fu Panda 2 was an example of a bad guy luring in a good guy with info on their family.

Jacob Varenkamp says:

Tigers live in Asia, not Africa

Kai Umeda says:

African Tiger?! Where do you think this is Jumanji?!

Hellhound says:

Additional sins:

1.) They absolutely did not capture the character of Raksha (mother wolf). She is originally a very feisty, defensive/protective character, and probably the bravest of all other wolves. Raksha in sanskrit even broadly means "to guard against evil, to protect, or to be aware of a villain or demonic force" aka Shere Khan. This movie made her whiney, defenseless, and passive, but of course this sort of character has not been uncommon with female characters in film industry, owell.

2.) Movie cliche villian missing an eye. Just without the black eyepatch. Argh..

3.) Akela actually gets killed by a pack of dholes or the "red dogs" , and neither does a tiger have the strength to throw a wolf like that unless they're the size of a teacup chihuahua. Made me laugh.

4.) King Louie is an Italian mafia…even though this story is set in colonial times of 18th and 19th century… w o ah histo ry

5.) Christopher Walken singing this song….is just a sin itself.

6.) Movie ending goes by story cliche "If you believe anything can happen" bullshit.

I don't give a damn about the CGI,
If the apple is shiny but has a rotten core,
I don't want to take a bite out of it.

JJ says:

African tiger? AFRICAN TIGER? Also, bald eagles may not be in India, but the Brahminy Kite sure is and you got those mixed up. So that's not a sin.

Kai Umeda says:

That wasn’t a bald eagle. It was a Brahminy Kite, they it fish and live in India and parts of Australasia

Gaston Librette says:

IDIOTS, stop doing these idiot- complain- cant have-cant give stupid ass movies. Focus on what people creates. Did u EVER saw a film you liked????

NightPup says:

Water is green because plants.Probably kinds of moss and algy

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