Everything Wrong With Jupiter Ascending In 19 Minutes Or Less

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Jupiter Ascending. If you saw it, you hate yourself. If you didn’t, you’re one of the lucky people who can carry on with life as normal. It’s a sinful motherf*cker.

Remember, only ONE sins video per week until October. But we’ll have some stuff for Thursdays here and there as well.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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Michelle Superville says:

That's feminist not racist

peddle says:

who wants to listen to meg griffin narrate a movie?

Ignacio Espel Rodriguez says:

12:45 she said 27B-6 , how did you miss that reference to Brazil jeremy? how?

Lj Calixte says:

This actually makes me want to see the movie ?

Andrew Williams says:

Channing Tatum was the eye candy that has helped me be able to watch this film not only once throughout, but more than once.

People condemning Mila Kunis as an 'average' or flat actress: The protagonist should be bland and forgettable, with dull dialogue, so you can place yourself in his or her place. That usually makes for more engaging films that the audience can enjoy.

Lord of the Rings: You remember Gandalf and Smeagle but not the main dude.

Pirates of the Caribbean: You remember Captain Jack but not the main dude.

The Matrix: You remember everyone else but the main dude.

Harry Potter: You remember Hermione, Ginger Nuts, and Snape… but Harry is generic.

Some actors and actresses are good to cast exactly because they can play bland roles with consistency. Mila Kunis is one of them.

My Fam Dat Boi says:

I hated this movie

circusboy90210 says:

Why you call it Willis tower it will always be The Sears tower

- AetheroN - says:

Jupiter descending

lindsey phillips says:

Makes xanadu seem oscar-worthy.

Public Static Void says:

Man, did this movie SUCK!!

Rust says:


Lukas _ says:

Funfact: In germany Jupiter Jones (three investigators) is called Justus Jonas, but due to some copyright issues after an other studio took over making the audioplays they named him Jupiter Jones again – just for like 6 Episodes or so. Btw. if you are droped out in space you either die instantly by explosive decompression or your lungs burst – whatever happens first and after that if a sun is nearby you are toast.

Justin Radford says:

Am I the only one that thought Caine's gun sounded like a dog's bark? And is Caine's name suppose to be clever cause of canine?

Emo Wizz says:

Eddie redmayne is good in all movies

Sele Brate says:

Even watching the sins video was painful

The Master Gamer says:

Thing is, i like this movie.

Triggered im guessing.

Daniel Sommer says:

I give this movie 1,000,000 sins just for existing

Andi Andrea says:

3:39 Correction, that's sexist.

Tall_guy123 says:

I didn’t even get through the movie haha and I always do. That’s when I know it’s very bad.

Genie B says:

I loved those skates!!? If I had them, I'd have to be knocked unconscious for someone to wrestle the things off my feet! Lol

Angelo Wentzler says:

Was totally expecting a "rips off other movie" bonus round 🙁

Anna Sharanevych says:

i agree with all of this but sentencing humanity to death is not a bad thing

Peter Hoekstra says:

I always default Walmart

Gavadar says:

I watched this movie a few years ago on an airplane because it was showing and I didn't really have anything better to do. It was awful and I advise never watching it.

D YellowMadness says:

Why does one of the characters look like a member of Baby Metal?

Edit: Having finished the video, it's weird looking back on the fact that that was the most questionable thing to me early on.

Justin E says:

Holy shit, this movie is so bad I can't even stand watching them sin it.

Emily L. says:

But wasn't Jupiter the name of a male Roman god?

Artbug says:

"this guys face looks like a trip to the moon" ? ? ?

ChaoticAvenger says:

girls go to jupiter to get more stupider

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