Everything Wrong With Home In 17 Minutes Or Less

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So, a couple years ago, this sh*tty animated movie about aliens came out. Apparently it made a ton of money, even though I literally forgot all about it until it was time to sin it. What a terrible, lazy movie.

Next week: More recent-ish animated bullsh*t that did way more box office than you thought, and a terrible recent horror movie.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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Food muncher80 says:

The Gorg is a low budget version of the Borg

Sound Silence says:

I'm glad I didn't see this fucking movie when it came out, and I'm mad that I did now.

Mr. N Cubes says:

Why didn’t tip print the picture of her mom so her phone wouldn’t run out of charge because she had access to a lot of stores and if she can go into a convenience store with no one looking at her

Another movie sin

Possum says:

Who the fuck is around to run radio stations.

Robeloox The ROBLOXian says:


Kamari Blizzard says:

But how did she change clothes

MonkeeJuice says:

Please do a video of Everything Wrong With Dangerously Close from 1986!

Diverse Point Nation says:

Heh Heh… “Sheldon”.

Da TROLL! says:

My profile pic gives me an instant 100 sins

Madisyn Pepper says:

I'm surprised he didn't add a sin for tip almost immediately figuring out the controls for the car

Sad Pepe says:


The Canine Nutritionist says:

I will agree, this movie sucks, but I love it.

Ryozo Ito says:

Rhianna music

+10,000 sins

Qwerty Bear. says:

You know north sentinel island where nobody can go on because the locals hate outsiders? They could live next to a middle America family.

Qwerty Bear. says:


Owne Barlow says:

Also badger from breaking bad

Music Master says:

I thought this movie was great… Don't know why people hate it so much.

Pakistan ball says:

Well I have the flu so might as well lie in bed and watch cinema sins for seven days

Mad Death says:

I experienced all of those side effects

Selena I says:

I liked the movie but I’ll admit,there was ALOT of sins more or less. Another sin is when the boov were running away and the people were cheering,they aren’t that concerned with going back to their homes and aren’t concerned as to why they were running away.

Beaniebabylover4 Roblox says:

They used the actor for Sheldon from The big bang theory

Black Hole Gaming says:

Sin 116: If oh can design weapons why can't the rest of the race?

Erextd says:

Shut up, you'll never be the man your mother is

Gen3ralGrimReaper says:

11:42 Someone or some people were inside that mountain? Definitely secret government base inside the Himalaya mountain. Let that sink in.

Masterchef 117 says:

I honestly actually really love "Home". It's like a cute movie about outcasts and has childish jokes that suit my inner kid.

Mimi mation ki10 says:


Beep Beep Free Giftcard Giveaway says:

Still better than Trolls

Nakamurlok aaa says:

Where was the military, nuclear bombs explosions?

Larry The Llama says:

One sin for oh making a girl at the end

Emma Vs. The World says:

Wait… They haven't BEEN to earth before…. How have they got their hands on a basket of footballs that's bigger than them?

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