Everything Wrong With Frozen in 5 Minutes Or Less

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Do you wanna build a snowman? Hit like and comment if you do.

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Inspired by http://www.youtube.com/cinemasins

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Niko Niko says:

Excellent video dude. Frozen is a total bullcrap, diarrhea, vomit, garbage ass movie and you really exposed it today. Keep up the good work.

Bear Nicholas says:

I hate you.

Aaron Good says:

1:36 also after a lifetime of her sister asking her to build a snowman with her she goes to a mountain and builds one without her, with magic


why so many dislikes? Every movie has a mistake nor sins
(of course some fangirls dont understand)

Mobile Gaming Express says:

Came here to dislike due to unoriginality

Zemfira Melnicenko says:

Walmart doesn't extist in the Frozen world, sooo…

Azeeza Rahim says:

Everything wrong with


Sebby Giron says:

Unoriginal piece of crap channel

Owen Muller says:

Why censor the subtitles, but not the audio?

CoasterFilms says:

They’re not as good either. DANGIT BROOKS

Charlie Gareginyan says:

I don't get the hate for your channel. Your wrongs are your own, and your humor is too. Thus independent product,

BlueStacks says:

Holy shit it's no bullshit

Lily Dragonclaw says:

Let it go kinda sounds dirty if you think about it.

mrslorna1 says:

Elsa: let it go let it go
Me: let go of what? Your family? your sister? your ps4? Your powers? Your dreamcast? Your xbox? Your xbox one?
Your xbox one s? Your dress? Oh wait dont take ur dress off thats gross i dont get it!

Icosan20 says:

I think almost none of these points are a 'fail'. In my opinion you got stuck on too many small details that don't matter.
The snowman that falls over, really? Love in a childrens movie isn't powerful, thats a fail?

Michelle Zhou says:

You're a fucking plagiarist. Guess what channel you're completely totally ripping off? I'll let you figure that out, dick


wow think about the fails added

Izabella Jacquez says:

The sled blew up cuz the lantern broke and it was fire

XxxOG17SavagexxX Dedotated says:

Yo Brooks, if you haven't already done it do a megamind fail, ill give you a hint, "villian turns into hero clichè"

Tor McKittytkins says:

If elsa's dress is made of ice, shoudn't it melt when she restores summer?

Tor McKittytkins says:

If elsa's dress is made of ice, shoudn't it melt when she restores summer?

Kenan Elci says:

Why the fuck would you think a movie would make sense wtf :d %99.9 off them dont

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